If you’ve always dreamed of building a luxurious mansion on a tropical island or right next to the Coliseum in Rome, this is your lucky day. No, you haven’t won the lottery. And no, you’re not going to be able to actually build that mansion, but you can now do it in a virtual world thanks to the new online videogame Monopoly Millionaire.

Hasbro launched Tuesday the online video game where players around the world can build their dream homes basically everywhere they want, as long as the lot has not been claimed by some other player, that is. The game is first-come, first-serve, so you’ll have to be quick if you don’t want to lose your favorite spot.

The online game is built on Google Maps API and players – or virtual millionaires – will be able to build their mansions on 203 billion plots of land, choosing from 22 different mansion designs and 74 mansion accessories. As you play the game, you will unlock accessories and other bonuses such as water slides, planetariums and other luxury gizmos millionaires love to showcase in their mansions.

If you get tired of your house, you will be able to own up to three total mansions throughout the game. And Hasbro hasn’t forgotten about the social side of video games. You can play Monopoly Millionaire online through Facebook and invite your friends to visit your house.

Monopoly Millionaire online is part of a new spin on the classic board game Monopoly. In the new game, players will try to be the first to earn a million, instead of bankrupting their adversaries.

Will you join Monopoly Millionaire online? Where will you build your dream crib? Tell us in the comments.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says 235 million people are playing games on Facebook each month — proving the platform is a new home for gamers.

Zuckerberg made the remarks at TechCrunch Disrupt Tuesday afternoon, during a live interview with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington.

Zuckerberg made his point about gaming after talking about what things he was excited about on the Facebook platform. He mentioned that Zynga, who has been struggling lately with falling stock prices and departing executives, was losing market share on the platform, but that other game companies had risen to take its place.

In particular, Zuckerberg mentioned two rising stars by name — Kixeye and

By comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox Live has about 40 million monthly active users as of the beginning of this year.

As developers move aggressively into social and mobile gaming spaces, Zuckerberg’s statement is a good indication on how seriously they should take Facebook as a platform.

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