The Pokemon cartoon series have made kids and even adults become addicted in the art of catching different animals and training them into battle companions. Whether on TV, gaming consoles, comic books, or handheld devices; those who become fascinated with Pokemon wonder what these cute and cuddly animals would look like if they were to really exist. Think no further as these 25 photos of Pokemon in real life will answer this question for you.

25. Pikachu

24. Kakuna

23. Dragonair

22. Pidgey

21. Pidove

20. Wooper

19. Charmander

18. Zubat

17. Ditto

16. Rapidash

15. Vulpix

14. Tauros

13. Lugia

12. Murkrow

11. Parasect

10. Cubone

9. Torkoal

8. Umbreon, Flareon, Glaceon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, and Jolteon

7. Blastoise

6. Moltres

5. Ivysaur

4. Mew

3. Magcargo

2. Salamence

1. Kyogre

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