This gamer is a great actor and lip syncs with 50 horrible, annoying, and cheesy voices from video games history. His expression really gives each voice a new face. Great work! He covers voices from famous games like The House of the Dead 2, Resident Evil, and Time Crisis.


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Everyone likes free money, right? Well, apparently in Boston that’s not that case. 

Fat Awesome took to the streets of Boston to hand out free money, but no one was biting. Perhaps people realize there’s no such thing as free lunch…

In just a couple days, the new social experiment video has garnered over 750,000 views.


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Because you’re never too young to up your T-shirt game.

1. Mac & Cheese

Now your kid can get mac and cheese on their shirt without you having to do laundry afterward. Find it here for $14.99.

2. Warren G’s “Regulate”

Paying homage to ’90s rap is tricy-cool. Get one here for $16.

3. I Can’t Keep Calm I’m Four

The really cool kids know their memes. Find it here for $16.

4. Go Ahead, Ask Me About My T-Rex

It’s hard to imagine anyone ever making a shirt a kid would like more than this one. Get it here for $13.95.

5. Oh Snap!

Perfect for the budding photographer. Get it here for $20.

6. For the Geometry Challenged

Any kid who wears this into math class is a boss. Get it here for $21.74.

7. I’m Kind of a Big Deal

This pun really pickles the funny bone. Get one here for $14.99.

8. Best Mix Tape Ever

The last names of a kid’s parents + date of birth = cutest shirt ever. Specially order one here for $32.

9. Sasquatch Search Squad

Tracking bigfoot from birth. Order one here for $13.99.

10. I’m Only Here for the Pizza

Kids who wear this one are a real pizza work. Get one here for $14.99.

11. David Bowie

Watch out, kid. Wearing a T-shirt with David Bowie on a Spanglish-language version of Rolling Stone is so cool you might freeze! Get one here for $10.99.

12. I Eat Broccoli

This one is best worn while ironically eating candy (just don’t tell your kid that). Get it here for $20.

13. Back to the Future

Great Scott! Get one here for $14.99.

14. Nirvana

Bring grunge to the playground. Order one here for $19.

15. I Still Live with My Parents

Wearing this shirt becomes less cool once you reach adulthood. Get it here for $11.99.

16. Sesame Street

Sweep the clouds away in this T-shirt. Get it here for $24.

17. Rosie the Riveter

Girl power is cool. Get one here for $18.

18. Orange Is the New Black

The cool kids know Crazy Eyes is the best thing on the show. Find it here for $13.

19. Super Mario Bros.

Your kid can show off being a gamer without being obvious about it. Order it here for $18.52.

20. The Legend of Zelda

Be a legend on the playground. Get one here for $14.

21. Star Wars

Lots of kids wear Star Wars shirts, but how many do you know who wear one with a
Stormtrooper playing video games on it? Get it here for $19.50.

22. The Hangover

Your kid knows who the real star of The Hangover was. Find one here for $18.

23. Lego

The really cool thing about this shirt is that it doesn’t hurt when you step on it. Get one here for $12.

24. ¿Cómo Se Llama?

Your cool kid can be bilingual in punning. Order one here for $14.

25. Got Any Grapes?

200 million views on YouTube can’t be wrong. Order one here for $17.99.

26. Pretty in Pink

The Duckie on this shirt is pretty cool too. Get it here for $10.

27. Mustachioed Bill Murray

T-shirts with Bill Murray on them are cool anyway, but this one is off the charts. Get it here for $10.99.

28. Sloth Running Team

This shirt has just the right amount of sarcasm for your future Bill Murray. Get it here for $14.99.

29. Jay Z

Kids who wear this may have 99 problems, but being cool isn’t one of them. Get it here for $10.99.

30. Rockabilly Doll in Training

This shirt lets the world know your kid is going to be very cool, very soon. Get one here for $11.50.

31. Charlie Brown

Wearing this shirt makes you the opposite of a blockhead. Get it here for $14.19.

32. Talk to the Hand

…because the ears ain’t listening. Get a shirt that really pops out at you here.

33. Somedays You’re the Pigeon…

Existential and subtly talking about poop. If that isn’t kid-cool I don’t know what is. Order one here for $14.99.

34. John & Yoko

Give peace a chance. Get it here for $10.99.

35. Vampurr

More like vampurr-fect. Order one here for $14.99.

36. Commas Save Lives

Knowing grammar is definitely cool. Order one here for $14.99.

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Back in the late 1980′s, the video games market had a rebirth, thanks mostly to Nintendo and their Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1991, Nintendo introduced their new system, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with better graphics, more computing power, and better games. But it came with the steep 1991 price of $200. That’s around $331.46 today. 

The nightly news gave a ridiculous report on people who were “Ninten-pendent”, and were upset about the high price of the new system. The classic video clip is featured on Guyism


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The gaming world is furious with Sony. First, The PlayStation Network has been down for weeks. Then gamers find out that the reason it’s down is because someone hacked the network and all of their personal data has been compromised. An appropriate spoof of Sony’s annoying PlayStation 3 commercials is only fair.


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Everything Is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault

NSFW Language, Content

Parents have a bad habit these days of ignoring the ratings on adult-themed video games and movies. Why are young kids so familiar with Samuel L. Jackson? Where are the parents? 

Apparently, they are watching the Sam Jackson movies with their kids. And after their kids get in trouble at school for imitating the one and only Bad M***** F*****, they simply blame the actor instead of themselves. 

Funny or Die demonstrates this in their viral video starring the popular actor, Everything Is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault. The video already has amassed over 210,000 views on FunnyOrDie, and is now going viral on YouTube as well. 

The sketch comedy video is also featured on popular sites, such as BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, and HuffingtonPost


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It’s happening again. Another web music video is quietly becoming the next big thing.

The Australian Metro originally went viralviral with their cutesy Dumb Way To Die animated music video PSA. Now, the parodies and spoofs are beginning to pour in

Megasteakman is the latest to spoof the song, this time, with a video game twist. Namely, Dumb Ways to Die in Video GamesAlready, the new video is featured on Kotaku, NowMSNWebProNews, and StuffIStole.


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