Universal Music wants you to know that not all kitties are zombies. Keep that in mind when you head over to FindThe13.com, a website set up to give Rob Zombie fans a fun way to earn a free download.

People must hunt for 13 zombie cats amid regular cats, Rob Zombie faces and scantily clad women.

FindThe13.com also promote’s Rob Zombie’s “Thunder Kiss ’65” single, which be on his forthcoming remix album — Mondo Sex Head — that drops Aug. 7.

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Hulk-green puppies? Incredible, but true! When Spanish dog breeder Aida Molina first saw the pups, she couldn’t believe it either. In fact, she just assumed the newborns were dirty and tried to scrub them clean. And why wouldn’t she? Dogs come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, but green is definitely not usually one of them. While the source of their funky fur remains a mystery, it’s speculated that a presence of the biliverdin pigment in the mother’s placenta may be the culprit.

Why not marvel at the adorable little ones?

“‘Hulk Puppies smash… your hearts!”

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Sadly, the “Hulk Puppies” don’t appear to be quite as strong as their superhero namesake. One is dead and the other is not doing well. Here’s hoping for a storybook ending for this comic book canine.

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Charlie and Laura are best friends. One is a beagle and the other is a human baby, but they make it work… most of the time. Even the most adorable of relationships aren’t immune to minor disagreements and unpleasantness. Take the time when Charlie stole Laura’s toy, for example. The way baby Laura was crying, it didn’t seem like she’d ever forgive Charlie for his actions. Unwilling to lose her, Charlie did something incredibly cute to win her back. You’ve got to see how it all went down!

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Cat Plays Ninja Fruit On iPad

It seems pets playing touch screen video games is all the rage these days. First, there was a  lizard, and then a frog, who both went viral playing the iPad game, Ant Crusher (naturally, as they eat bugs). Now, this Russian video from November of a kitty playing Ninja Fruit is gaining in popularity. The video is shared on DailyPicksAndFlicks


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The 2012 U.S. presidential election, fittingly dubbed the first meme election by some people, came to end this week when Americans re-elected Barack Obama.

While his victory messages went viral across Facebook and Twitter, other candid moments and political parodies caught people’s attention on the web (watch the video).

Never ones to stray away from attention, cats also clawed their way into the spotlight, as did Angry Birds.

BONUS: Speaking of Cats …

In the Japanese island of Ōkunoshima is known as the Rabbit Island for its huge population of wild bunnies.

Editor’s update: During WWII, Okunoshima, now known as Rabbit Island, had a secret Japanese Imperial base used for lethal gas production. The bunnies may have been released by workers after the plant closed or by schoolchildren who visited the island in 1971, but however it happened, the bunnies have bred and spread over the whole island. Now, visitors flock to the island to feed the veritable herds of wild bunnies that live there.


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