Remember growing up and not being able to decide whether you should ask for a PlayStation or an Xbox for Christmas or your birthday?

It’s safe to say that decision alone was one of the hardest to make during our childhoods. But what if we told you that years later, there’d be a way to ask for one device that allows you to play both consoles?

Well, it exists, thanks to a self-taught engineer named Eddie Zarick.

He created the Playbox, a laptop-based device that features both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 housed in one contraption.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Zarick demonstrates how the Playbox works.

It’s simple — there’s one side that’s dedicated to operating the Xbox One, and there’s another side dedicated to operating the PlayStation 4. The beauty of it is, you can seamlessly transition between either consoles as you please.

Oh, and there’s only one power cord, not two. If this device was available for purchase years ago, we would’ve had easier childhoods!

Check out the video for a closer look at this awesome creation.

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