1. Day one: Full-body workout. Day two: Walk like C3PO.

2. This is what a small flight of stairs looks like to you:

3. Catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror really bums you out.

4. You worry that you’re too out of shape for the gym.

5. You warm up for a run and decide that’s probably good enough…

6. …and you feel like this afterward.

7. You think that a really big meal counts as a workout.

8. You will circle the front of a parking lot as long as you need to while waiting for a spot to open up.

9. The least amount of physical exertion makes you pour sweat.

10. This is your idea of going for a walk:

11. If escalators are an option, it’s like the stairs are invisible to you.

12. You’ll watch whatever is on TV to avoid getting up and finding the remote.

13. Running a couple miles is justification for eating whatever the hell you want for the rest of the week.

14. Bending over to tie your shoes leaves you feeling winded.

15. Your “fat jeans” are now just your jeans.

16. You sit down while playing Wii or Kinect.

17. You have to lie down to button your pants.

18. You’ve injured yourself while getting dressed in the morning.

19. Cleaning your house makes you sore the next day.

20. The 5-pound weights make you feel like you dislocated something.

21. Playing with children for five minutes makes you feel like you can’t walk the next day.

22. You’ve ended up lying on the ground reaching for something rather than just getting up.

23. You’ve suffered through the embarrassment of a chair breaking under you.

24. You’re worried about what you look like running. (For good reason.)

25. You actually have a hard time getting off the toilet the day after a gym visit.

26. You don’t remember what having energy feels like.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/awesomer/things-youll-only-understand-if-youre-out-of-shape

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