Ever dreamed your TV could mirror exactly what you’re looking at on your iPad without having to connect it physically? That dream is closer to becoming reality thanks to a new Kickstarter project called Airbridge.

Airbridge is a hardware add-on for Apple devices that will allow you to stream whatever is on your gadget screen via wireless. All you will have to do, according to the creators, is plug the dongle to your iPad or iPhone and snap the base to the TV and the two devices will automatically connect to each other. No need to deal with cables; no need to set up or configure anything. Airbridge will even create a Wi-Fi network if needed. The goal is seamless and completely effortless plug-and-play.

“We want technology to play effortlessly well with other technology,” says the project’s Kickstarter page. “We want it to act like a silent servant — reliable, durable, and making lives easier, and in a way that’s not frustrating, unnecessarily difficult or complicated to use.”

The applications for a device like this are endless. It could be used to give Powerpoint presentations, saving you the trouble of connecting your computer to the TV or the projector. Actually, you don’t need those, either. Via Wi-Fi, Airbridge will allow you to share your presentation to other iOS devices that have the Airbridge App installed. Those users will also be able to take notes, snap screenshots and even record video.

Once Airbridge is plugged into your iOS device, you will be able to easily share files via drag-and-drop to other devices in a 40-foot range.

Airbridge could be a powerful entertainment tool, too. You will be able to stream movies and video games with no loss of quality with a resolution of up to 1080p, its creators say.

Airbridge will come in two versions: Lite and Pro. The Pro version will give users more connectivity options and better network capabilities.

Launched on Wednesday by a Utah-based group of technology enthusiasts called Artifex Touch, Airbridge has already raised more than $20,000. With 43 days to go, it could be hard to reach its ambitious goal of $500,000 (at this pace, it will only raise around $300,000). The creators explain in the Kickstarter page that they will use the money to finish developing the app, improve the prototype they’ve already built and work out other details. Even though they acknowledge that all this work “sounds like a mouth full,” they promise they can deliver in four months.

Watch the video above to see what Airbridge will be capable of doing.

Do you think this is a useful project? Are you excited about its applications? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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