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Video game developer Brianna Wu is used to receiving insults, rape threats and violent comments through social media each day.

But, when someone hacked into Wu’s company’s finances and even posted her address online, she got scared. On Friday, Wu and her husband left their home in fear for their lives.

Wu, the Head of Development for Giant Spacekat, has always been vocal about the amount of sexism and abusive dialogue females in the gaming industry experience.

She published an exposé in July about the threats she and other female peers receive. Recently, she released Revolution 60, a female-centric mobile game.

#GamerGate is a movement supposedly dedicated to preserving standards of the gaming industry, and it’s quickly picking up speed through discussion boards and threats.

Its perpetrators are often violent and computer-savvy, targeting Wu as one of the many women “ruining” video games.

An anonymous source published Wu’s home address on an 8chan forum, and death threats began pouring in. Wu live-tweeted the experience in an effort to make her fans understand how violent #GamerGate has become.

On Sunday, Wu appeared at her NYC Comic Con panel. She said the threats will not stop her speaking up for women in game development.

Wu has been live-tweeting about the #GamerGate threats she receives.

H/T: Huffington Post

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