The newest Grand Theft Auto V trailer gives us a closer look at the game’s three protagonists: Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Grand Theft Auto V will give fans the unique experience of switching between three characters to achieve the game’s objectives. Each character is unique, from their background to their skill sets.

As we learn from the trailer above, Michael is having a mid-life crisis, and it doesn’t seem like regular life can satisfy his urge for crime. Franklin is on the other end of the socio-economic spectrum and trying to make his way out of bad situations. Trevor, the third protagonist, seems to be totally unbalanced, with a penchant for extreme violence and exposing himself to everyone.

The whole game takes place in Los Santos, a stand-in for modern day Los Angeles. Rockstar has said previously that the GTA V boasts the largest game world in the company’s history; the sprawling maps of GTA IV and western Red Dead Redemption could fit inside Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto V is out Sept. 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, after it was delayed from a spring launch.

Image courtesy Rockstar Games.

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