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2. So, before we start, a reminder: This came out 19 years ago.

3. This came out 13 years ago.

4. And this came out 7 years ago.

5. So, we don’t get to SEE the console yet.

6. BUT this is what the controller looks like:

It’s got a touch screen, motion sensors, and a built-in Kinect/Wii-style sensor bar camera. But it’s a lot like the current SixAxis controller you get with a PS3, at least in terms of shape.

8. On the inside, it’s basically a PC:

That means it’s got an x86 processor, not a “Cell” processor like the last console. And it’s got a PC-derived graphics card. This means, among other things, that the console will not play PS3 games natively.

10. Anyway, this is what it looks like when you turn it on:

The homescreen is totally different from the PS3.

12. Digitally purchased games are playable as soon as you start downloading them:

More importantly, Sony *claims* to have fixed one of the PS3’s biggest problems: the seemingly endless updates needed to play games or even start the system. Those, Sony says, now happen in the background.

13. There’s also real-time screen sharing:

You can record your game session for sharing or watch others play in real time.

14. There are some pretty cool games coming out for it:

15. “Killzone: Shadow Fall”

16. “Infamous: Second Son”


17. “The Witness”

18. “Destiny”

20. And it’s coming out for the 2013 holiday season.

So what do we think? Well, the games look great, as they should, being as it’s been almost a decade since a new Sony console was announced. And the instant-playing and instant-sharing features seem pretty forward thinking. Of course, as with every console, it’s the games that count. The lineup of games and developers that Sony trotted out tonight was a good start, especially their partnerships with Blizzard, Bungie, and Jonathan Blow.

21. BUT

Sony didn’t announce a price or show what the system itself looks like, so stay tuned to FWD for those — somewhat — important details.

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