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2. Sherlock


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You might not exactly be the high-functioning sociopath that your favorite antihero is, but you’re still an extremely intelligent person who sets a high bar in all aspects of your life, including your fandom. You have a romantic streak that you like to hide underneath a biting, sardonic humor. You tend to focus your energy on your career, you expect others to live up to the same high standard you set for yourself, and you can be stubborn and unforgiving when it comes to conflict — but that same stubbornness also makes you a fiercely loyal friend and colleague. Sherlockians are a united online force, so you pretty much own Tumblr and have perfected the art of fanfic, whether you’re loyal to Sheriarty or Johnlock.

3. Whedonverse


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Your wit is unrivaled, and you’re the master of deflecting conflict with humor. You’re part of a fandom that’s powerful and united enough to get a canceled TV show made into a movie, so you’re naturally tenacious, but you’re too emotionally intelligent to overuse that tenacity. You pick your battles almost as carefully as you pick your friends. Those close to you know that behind all that flippant humor and quirkiness, you’re a sensitive and devoted friend. Chances are, you’re also a bit of a renaissance geek, much like Joss Whedon himself. From comic books to the silver screen, you’re a fan of all things nerdy, zany, and emotionally resonant. And you’re the coolest person to hang out with at Comic Con.

4. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

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You’re a romantic through and through, but that doesn’t mean you’re naive. Like your fandom, you’re a quiet but strong presence. Chances are, you often prefer the company of books over people, and sometimes feel you were born in the wrong era. You’re an empathetic and steadfast, patient friend and an excellent listener, which makes you someone people feel comfortable confiding in. You never seek out conflict, but like the Dowager Countess, you also never forget someone who’s wronged you, and you keep a careful inventory of whom you can and cannot trust.

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

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Your fandom is a rare blend of political reality and fantasy, which makes you a highly pragmatic and grounded person. You might still believe in magic and hold a special place in your heart for Hogwarts, but above all, you understand the importance of power. And so does George R.R. Martin. Chances are, you’re not usually big into “fandoms” but the realness of the stories in Game of Thrones is what draws you in. You’re a very present person, and you most likely focus a lot of energy on your professional life, but behind your businesslike exterior, you have an insatiable wanderlust and a desire to experience everything in life you possibly can — because you know, better than most, that all men must die.

6. Adventure Time

Adventure Time

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You’re an earnestly eccentric person who has a taste for whimsy. Like your favorite cartoon characters, you’re a tried-and-true friend who loves to explore new places and meet new people. You can have a hard time expressing yourself emotionally at times, and like to focus your energy on getting to travel and see new places rather than putting roots down and cultivating your romantic relationships. You also don’t place a lot of value on material goods. You have a wide circle of friends and are a social, genuinely likable person, but you let only a few special people into your closer inner circle.

7. Doctor Who

Doctor Who

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Like the good Doctor, your kindness is matched only by your intelligence. You take a genuine interest in others and are a humanitarian through and through. You enjoy small groups over large crowds and choose whom you confide in very carefully. You believe honesty is the best policy in all situations and are a very emotionally open person. You have a very defined sense of morality, and while you enjoy exploring new places, you also know that you’d like to eventually settle down with the right person. You have a natural fascination with the world and take joy in learning, especially when it comes to all that wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff.

8. Star Wars

Star Wars

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Whether you grew up watching the original trilogy or jumped on the bandwagon when the newer episodes came out, you’re part of the one of the foundations of fandom. You’re someone who weighs decisions carefully before acting, and understands that right and wrong aren’t easily defined. You’re a highly emotionally intelligent person who does well in social situations, but you prefer low-key settings with people you trust and feel comfortable around.

9. Star Trek

Star Trek

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You are part of the largest and most iconic of fandoms. Like your fellows Trekkies, you’re a classicist when it comes to nerd culture. You’re able to appreciate other fandoms and dip into various pools without sacrificing your one true allegiance, but you have extremely high standards. You believe in diplomacy over war and peaceful exploration. You’re a kind and generous person, emotionally available, and incredibly loyal. You have the rare ability to give honest advice without offending or being abrasive, and are able to view most things very objectively.

10. Supernatural


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If anything has taught you the power of pain, it’s being a Supernatural fan. Like the heroes your fandom loves, you’re a quick wit who never backs down from a fight. Once committed to something, you stick to it, which makes you a powerful ally and a fearsome enemy. But beneath your fiery conviction, you’re a sensitive and devoted friend who values loyalty above all else. You give your all to any project you take on, sometimes at the cost of your personal relationships, but people admire your dedication and determination.

11. Marvel Universe

Marvel Universe

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You’re as ethical and clever as the superheroes you adore. You’re an interesting mix of realistic and idealistic, often hoping for the best in people but fully expecting the worst. Chances are, you’ve seen more than most people, and you find comfort in the idea of absolutely justice, but you also understand that people mostly exist in gray areas of right and wrong. You’re probably a bit of a loner, and though you’re socially adept, you require more alone time than most.

12. Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

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New Line Cinema

Like most Ringers, you’re a dreamer with an adventurous streak, and above all, you’re an excellent travel companion. You likely have a taste for the literary and are a gifted writer. You do have a desire to travel, but you also enjoy having a steady and comforting home life. When it comes to conflict, you tend to withdraw into yourself, but when you feel strongly enough about something, you can be a fierce adversary. You probably have a wide circle of acquaintances in which you’re well-liked, but are only fully comfortable around your family and a select few friends.

13. Hannibal


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You’re one of the newer, ultra-tech-savvy fandoms, so you’re likely a social media guru. People often refer to you as an “old soul,” and chances are, you’re a quiet and highly observant person who knows how to use situations to your advantage. You’re not manipulative, but you definitely know how to strategically place yourself on the winning side of conflicts. You’re not squeamish, and you (not surprisingly) have a fascination with the darker side of human nature. But beyond the gore, you’re a very intuitive person who’s skilled at figuring out what motivates people and how to use that to your advantage.

14. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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You’re a mixture of sensible and idealistic. Like your fandom, you believe in the power of magic, the power of friendship, and that good will always win — even when it seems impossible. But you also know that people are capable of great evil, and you tend to be a bit of a loner. You escape into books and movies and sometimes feel like you’re a little out of step. But that’s OK, because you and the rest of your fandom know that being a Harry Potter fan means that a part of your heart will always be at Hogwarts.

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