1. Meet Ross Bruggink

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Ross Bruggink is a designer and illustrator from Minneapolis, MN. His work is inspired by nature, folklore, mythology and geometry. Ross lives with his equally creative wife, Jessica, their magical puppy, Merlin, and mischievous rabbit, Guy Bun. Despite being a friend to all, Ross strikes fear into each of his hapless cribbage opponents.

2. Meet Eric Fan

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Eric Fan is a Toronto based illustrator and t-shirt designer with a passion for the whimsical and unexpected, a love of vintage art, top hats, pop culture collisions, and surreal constructions.

3. Meet Will Bryant

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Will Bryant is an illustrator and designer whose mantra to achieving commercial success and happiness is to keep things crazy and fun. Nostalgia, the senses, and the nonsenses are common themes in his work.

4. Meet Ralph Pykee T. Lambaco

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Ralph Pykee T. Lambaco aka SPYKEE is a graphic illustrator from Cebu City, Philippines. When he’s not helping to create motion comics and storybooks for mobile devices at work, he aids a local organization of digital artists, raising funds for area charities.

5. Meet Katie Campbell

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Katie Campbell is an always smiling graphic designer and illustrator based in Savannah, Georgia. Whether designing an event poster in Photoshop or using ketchup to create custom type, Katie enjoys exploring new techniques and mediums.

6. Meet Justin White

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Justin White is an illustrator and designer living in Los Angeles, California. He unknowingly launched his artistic career when he joined Threadless in 2005 and began submitting goofy comic-inspired t-shirt designs.

7. Meet Nestor Gomez

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Nestor Gomez is a Guatemalan idea generator, writer, and salsa dancer who lives in Chicago. Since joining the Threadless community in 2009, Nestor has collaborated with illustrators across the world to bring his ideas to life as t-shirt designs.

8. Meet Nathan Pyle

Threadless / Via threadless.com

Nathan Pyle hails from Ohio and now lives and works in New York City. In addition to art, he produces non-fiction television programs for a variety of networks. He has a degree in theology, loves taking photos, and he is free this Saturday if anyone is playing flag football in Central Park.

9. Meet Brian Cook

Threadless / Via threadless.com

Brian Cook is a one-headed, two-armed illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. His artistic repertoire has included everything from logo design to children’s book illustration. Brian’s work draws inspiration from the comic books and cartoons of his childhood.

10. Meet Jaco Haasbroek

Threadless / Via threadless.com

Jaco Haasbroek is a designer and illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa. He believes nothing beats good ‘ol pencil on paper but also enjoys acrylic painting. Despite its occasional challenges, there is literally nothing he would rather be doing than making art.

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