Writer Noah Gittell is not impressed with the new Brad Pitt movie, “Fury,” about a U.S Army tank crew fighting in Germany during the closing weeks of WWII:

FURY is the most sadistic, jingoistic, and militaristic movie I've seen in a long time. Tarantino-levels of violence with none of the wit.

— Noah Gittell (@ReelChanger) October 10, 2014

Newsflash: maybe a movie that attempts to accurately depict WWII might not be “witty.”

Now here is the stupidest thing you’ll read today:

@ReelChanger Doesn't sound good. Recommend seeing it?

— Courtney Boyce (@BoyceCourtney) October 10, 2014

@BoyceCourtney Not unless you're a fascist!

— Noah Gittell (@ReelChanger) October 10, 2014

WTF. This reader nails it:

@ReelChanger you realize that the soldiers in the movie were fighting actual fascists, right?

— rjwest21 (@rjwest21) October 10, 2014

And does anyone care about this? Boo-hoo:

Oh, and FURY has absolute no chance at Oscars. It's far too pro-war for the left-leaning Academy.

— Noah Gittell (@ReelChanger) October 10, 2014

More insight from Gittell:

Don't be surprised to hear some warhawking Congressional candidates reference it on the campaign trail.

— Noah Gittell (@ReelChanger) October 10, 2014

@jtLOL @ReelChanger So — it portrays what war is actually like?

— bfwebster (@bfwebster) October 10, 2014

@bfwebster No, it celebrates it.

— Noah Gittell (@ReelChanger) October 10, 2014

@ReelChanger Well, since my dad fought in both WW2 and Vietnam, I don't see that as a bad thing.

— bfwebster (@bfwebster) October 10, 2014

@bfwebster Okay, well, we disagree. You can make an argument that killing is a necessary evil, but this movie goes much further than that.

— Noah Gittell (@ReelChanger) October 10, 2014

This just makes us want to see the movie more. Fury opens nationwide October 17.



Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/10/wtf-writer-for-the-atlantic-recommends-skipping-wwii-movie-fury-unless-youre-a-fascist-video/

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