1. You were upset that BuzzFeed hadn’t made a list about your childhood activities.

2. Every day after school you came home to get acquainted with an old friend called television.

3. You watched Nick in the Afternoon so much that you can remember Stick Stickly’s address.

4. This thing was the apex of your musical career.

5. You tried playing sports but this happened.

6. It didn’t bother you much though because while some kids were busy catching baseballs, you were busy catching all 151 pokemon.

7. You tried doing art but this happened.

8. You were frequently left alone when your friends had to go practice for football/wrestling/dance, etc.

9. You spent an unhealthy amount of time on Nick.com…

10. or playing Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort…

11. Or looking up cheat codes on the Internet (and hoping one of your parents didn’t pick up the phone).

12. While other kids were off doing their thing, you were playing video games…

13. making friends with a bear and bird…

15. And a bunch of other virtual characters.

16. Your idea of an extracurricular activity was spending an extra minute or two on the school playground.

17. You spent hours after school trying to create MS paint masterpieces.

18. You were very defensive when someone dissed your afternoon TV lineup.

19. You learned about tons of different myths from watching a giant, talking head every weekday after you got home.

20. You had no idea what the other kids were doing at things like Brownies

21. Sometimes you felt bad that you didn’t do much with your time.

22. But then you remember all the fun you had watching this guy…

23. and these guys.

24. And you remember just being a regular, stress-free kid in general.

25. Because you never had to worry about messing up a dance move.

26. Or bombing at a concert.

27. Or embarrassing yourself and your family by messing up at the big game.

28. And even though people might criticize your upbringing by saying you didn’t develop any skills or crucial “life experience,” you don’t care. You had an awesome childhood!

29. And if people don’t like that, they can…

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/thesaccattack/29-signs-you-didnt-do-any-extracurricular-activit-5o2x

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