1. “Cauz’ I’m a Sony Fan-Boy!!!” —Ryan, 17

2. “PS4 is $100 Cheaper + Microsoft Sucks” —Greg, 28

3. “It’s Cheaper [than the Xbox One]” —Miles, 20

4. “Here for the Sports Games.” —Erick and Rosely, both 34

5. “We’re here for our sons!!” —Barbara and Monica

6. “Because I Have Tomorrow Off!” —Brian, 29

7. “Games Killzone Little Big Planet” —Richard, 19

8. “I Don’t Know Why I’m Here I’m an Xbox Fanboi :-p” —Patrick, 25

9. “Touch Screen Controller” —Jamal, 19

10. “PlayStation Runs in My Blood” —Renshon, 26

11. “I Forgot to Pre-Order” —Austin, 20

12. “I love console’s launch parties” —Christian, 28

13. “Estoy aquí desde Paraguay por los juegos exclusivos de la PS4 [I am here from Paraguay for the exlusive games for PS4]” —Martin

14. “Cause I’m gonna sell it for Triple!!! $$$$ :)” —Frankie, 24

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/josephbernstein/why-are-you-waiting-for-hours-in-the-cold-for-a-playstation

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