YouTube App for Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii owners now have a new way to access YouTube on their gaming consoles. On its YouTube blog, the company announced Thursday that it’s releasing a YouTube app for Nintendo Wii. Designed specifically for that platform, it lets Wii users watch YouTube on the big screen.

Available first in the United States and to more countries “in the coming months,” the free app lets users sign into YouTube and conveniently watch their subscribed channels, as well a variety of categories of videos, trending videos and everything else on YouTube. It offers easier search as well, displaying instant results as you type:

YouTube App for Nintendo Wii

Using this new app is an improvement over the original method of accessing YouTube via the Nintendo Wii, which required a $5 purchase of an Internet channel on the Wii Shop Channel. Only after buying and downloading that Wii-friendly version of the Opera browser could YouTube could be accessed, as well as the rest of the Internet. In recent years, that software to access YouTube the Internet has been free.

YouTube App for Nintendo Wii

Now that YouTube has created this app for the Nintendo Wii, the streaming video service is ubiquitous among the major gaming consoles, joining previously released YouTube apps for PlayStation 3 and Xbox. In addition, YouTube announced that with this additional app released Thursday, YouTube is now available on a total of 400 million devices.

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