It’s not just the superheroes who wear the masks.

Marvel cover artist Mr. Garcin, who is known for his stunning collages, wears a face mask when he is in public. The mysterious artist has crafted covers for The Amazing Spiderman, Daredevil and Iron Man.

As part of his appearance at London Comic-Con 2014, Garcin created a time-lapse video with camera manufacturer Autographer to show how he creates his work.

“I really wanted to share with my fans how exactly it’s done. […] I really enjoyed the challenge, actually. My work normally takes days or weeks to complete, but to make the video work, I had to do it in hours,” Garcin told Mashable.


Image: Mr. Garcin


Image: Mr. Garcin

More of Garcin’s work can be found on his official Facebook page.

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