Title: Archie Comics: The Hottest Publisher in the Industry
Date: Friday, 10/12/2012
Time: 2:45PM – 3:45PM
Location: 1A06

Description: The Era of Archie continues! After another year of dominating the headlines with groundbreaking storylines, innovative storytelling and the best comics on the market, the Archie Comics team converges on New York to reveal what’s next! The panel includes Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater, President Mike Pellerito, Editor-in-chief Victor Gorelick, writer/artist Dan Parent (Kevin Keller), writer Michael Uslan (Archie: Will You Marry Me?), and a handful of major, newsworthy surprises! Archie Comics continues to keep fans on their toes, shaking things up in Riverdale from one storyline (“Reversedale”) to the next (“Archie Meets GLEE”). Archie and friends have never been more relevant, and that makes this a can’t-miss panel! Plus, all attendees will receive a FREE ARCHIE GIFT BAG. Be there!

Speaker list:
Dan Parent
Jon Goldwater
Michael Uslan
Mike Pellerito
Paul Kaminski
Victor Gorelick

Title: Archie Action Hour: Sonic, Mega Man and Red Circle Comics
Date: Sunday, 10/14/2012
Time: 2:30PM – 3:30PM
Location: 1A08

Description: Plug in, suit up and prepare for adventure! First, two video game icons collide in the I-can’t-believe-it’s-actually-happening Sonic/Mega Man comic book crossover event. You’d be crazier than Doctors Eggman and Wily combined to miss this follow up discussion where we dive right into it. The editorial mastermind behind both books, Paul Kaminski, is joined by Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito and writer Ian Flynn with more info about the biggest comic book event of the year as well as what’s on tap for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man. See exclusive artwork, learn about upcoming story lines and get your questions answered by the team behind the two most popular video game comic series. Then, get all the details on the future of superhero comics—The New Crusaders! The digital-first series has made its way to print, and the Red Circle team are pumped to give you the rundown on where the series is headed, along with info about the upcoming Lost Crusade mini-series, in this action-packed panel. Those in attendance will receive a FREE SONIC/MEGA MAN/RED CIRCLE GIFT BAG, so don’t even think about missing it!

Speaker list:
Mike Pellerito
Paul Kaminski
Ian Flynn

If you aren’t lucky enough to get into the panels this year, or just don’t feel like diving into the fray of animalistic fans to grab your bag, Archie is also doing 20% OFF discount code available at the Archie Booth (#1720).

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/donnad/archie-comics-is-giving-away-50000-at-nycc

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