There have been countless events and incidents throughout history that seem just too strange to be true. Today, the historical medical cures and contraceptives that people used seem like they were the brain child of a mad scientist and not a legitimate solution. (At least people were creative.) Not only was medicine less developed, but the laws and socially acceptable behaviors were much different as well. You’ll be shocked to see some of the things that people did and used throughout history. The strange photos below are a perfect example of some of the weird stuff that has happened over the years. Even if the pictures were innocent, some of these seem sincerely crazy. What the?

1.) The oldest known selfie (1839).

2.) A portrait taken of a woman while she was mid-sneeze (1900).

3.) A “knocker-up” waking up clients (20th century).

4.) Nine kings gather to mourn the death of King Edward VII (1910).

5.) “Pin boys” set up bowling pins while people play games (1914).

6.) A prohibition and anti-saloon league sign, speaking out against liquor.

7.) A police officer on a Harley-Davidson transports a prisoner in a holding cell (1921).

8.) Two girls take a “horseman” picture together (1920).

9.) Two winners of a beauty pageant, back when the standards of beauty were much different (1922).

10.) A beach official measures bathing suits to make sure they aren’t too short (1920).

11.) A couple enjoys an old-fashioned zipline at a fair (1923).

12.) The Isolator was a helmet worn to help the wearer focus, rendering a person deaf. They even had a supply of oxygen (1925).

13.) A full-faced swimming mask that was to help protect women’s skin from the sun (1920s).

14.) Adolf Hitler rehearsing his speeches in front of a mirror (1925).

15.) The LA Public Library’s bookmobile program for the sick (1928).

16.) A zookeeper gives penguins a cooling shower from a watering can (1930).

17.) The One Wheel Motorcycle, which could reach a top speed of 93 mph (1931).

18.) A cat posed for a cigarette card, found in Army Club Cigarettes (1932).

19.) Makers of the London double decker bus prove that they weren’t a tipping hazard (1933).

20.) A mother is consumed by her worries and watches over her children during the Dust Bowl (1936). This photo of Florence Owens Thompson is actually one of the photos on this list that became quite famous in its own right.

21.) This is possibly the first GPS, an auto-scrolling map that would help people navigate in real time (1930).

22.) A Model T elevator garage in Chicago (1936).

23.) Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel sharing a smoke break (1938).

24.) This bicycle fit a family of four and it included a sewing machine (1939).

25.) Infants wear gas mask hoods during a London bombing drill (1940).

26.) WWII soldiers get their last kiss before being deployed (1940s).

27.) A small puppy sleeps in between Russian soldiers (1945).

28.) An Austrian boy is excited about his first pair of new shoes in years (1946).

29.) A bear cub laps up a bowl of honey in a cafe (1950).

30.) A man dresses his dog up in a suit and puts his cat in the dog’s lap for a picture (1950s).

31.) There used to be ice-cold whisky dispensers, sometimes found in offices (1950s).

32.) The winner of the Miss Atomic Bomb pageant is crowned (1950).

33.) Afghan women, casually dressed, use a public library before the Taliban rule (1950s).

34.) Paul McCartney takes a mirror selfie (1959).

35.) Young women attend a house party in this colorized photo (1950s).

36.) Fidel Castro lays a wreath at the Lincoln Memorial (1959).

37.) Fritz the bulldog, a TV celebrity, is groomed by a barber (1961).

38.) The Cat Mew machine, designed by the Japanese to keep away mice (1963).

39.) A young woman takes her pet lobster out for a walk (1950s).

40.) A young boy attends Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech (1963).

41.) “TV Glasses,” a product that never caught on (1963).

42.) A dramatic photo of a utility worker receiving CPR after being electrocuted, “The Kiss Of Life” (1967).

43.) Young Osama Bin Laden with his family in Sweden, in the green shirt on the right (1970s).

44.) Bill & Hillary Clinton play volleyball before getting married (1971).

The moments captured in time are completely out of context now, but even keeping that in mind doesn’t help how strange some of this seems. Don’t laugh, though. In 50 years, what you’re doing today might seem completely crazy to other people. Click below to share this strange gallery.

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Captain Mark D. Anderson of the United States Navy and historian Jean Muller were searching for artifacts from The Battle of the Bulge in the mountainsides of Luxembourg when their metal detector alerted them to something just under their feet. Below Anderson and Muller was a foxhole that was dug during the crucial World War II battle and in it they found the belongings of an American soldier, Technician Fifth Grade Louis J. Archambeau. Among the things that Archambeau, who died in the battle, left behind was a camera with an undeveloped roll of film in it. Anderson and Muller developed the film and, after spending 70 years in a foxhole, a dead soldier’s photographs were finally brought to life. This is T/5 Louis J. Archambeau’s World War II experience, told by his very own photos.

1.) Company C, 1st Battalion, 317th Infantry Regiment

6.) Louis J. Archambeau’s camera

(Sources: The Trouble Shooters, Wikipedia) The Battle of the Bulge resulted in more American casualties than any other battle in World War II. Spanning December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945, roughly 19,000 American soldiers lost their lives. However, the battle was an even bigger blow to the Germans, who lost much of their war resources. You can share this amazing war photography using the button below.

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When we binge watch episodes of Mad Med, we fawn over the dapper suits, the delectable dress, and the classy attire. They had style back then, at least compared to today’s Miley Cyrus-esque attire, and we know it. If you don’t believe us, check out these 47 pictures from the past. You’ll be disgusted by your closet in no time.

Frank Sinatra stepping out of a helicopter with a drink.

A man ice skating in a suit (1937).

The definition of old school cool. Cary Grant in the 1950s.

Clint Eastwood with actresses Olive Sturgess and Dani Crayne in San Francisco, 1954.

A couple dancing in a 1950’s “Be Bop” theater as everyone looks on.

A young Harrison Ford.

A salesman has his motorized roller skates refueled at a gas station (1961).

A couple on Michigan Avenue in Chicago (1975).

A young boy stealing the show, back when middle school kids knew how to dance (1950).

Children of Chicago (1941).

A gang of greasers in NYC, 1950.

A young Kevin Spacey (1980s).

Teenagers and their first car (1950s).

High school fashion feature in Life Magazine (1969).

Dean Martin & Angie Dickinson on the set of Rio Bravo, 1959.

Marlon Brando’s screen test in “Rebel Without A Cause” (1955).

A young Michael Caine in 1959.

Caroline Kennedy walks ahead while her father, the most powerful man in the world, carries her doll. (1960).

An old family photo from the early 1900s.

The Beatles before they were famous.

Cosmos host and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson at a college wrestling match.

Three boys pose for a camera on the streets of Jamaica.

A young Sean Connery relaxing on the couch.

Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger sit opposite each other on a train to Bangor. (1967).

Sigourney Weaver in a suit.

Ernest Hemingway’s striking passport photo (1923).

Diana Rigg (Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones) in 1967.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his cabinet – 1968. These men knew how to wear a suit.

Brigitte Bardot visits Pablo Picasso at his studio near Cannes in 1956.

Audrey Hepburn at a premiere on September 14, 1953.

Jimi Hendrix backstage at Monterey Pop Festival, 1967.

Sophia Loren, one of the only actresses to win an Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe awards.

6 time Golden Globe winner Paul Newman boating in Venice during a film festival (1963).

A businessman doubling as a graffiti artist.

David Bowie’s mugshot.

Elspeth Beard, shortly after becoming first Englishwoman to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle. The journey took 3 years and covered 48,000 miles.

How they used to date in the 1950s.

Girl on a scooter (1969).

The gorgeous necklines of the 1950s.

Leather clad English rocker girl.

Women boxing on a roof in LA (1933).

Muhammad Ali looking dapper.

Girl with typewriter and a smoke.

The original way to ‘text’ in Class (1944).

Ellen O’Neal, the greatest woman freestyle skateboarder in the 1970s.

A stylish couple in the rain in London (1963).

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at the horse races (1968).

Well, no more shopping at Sears for us. It’s time to step our game up a bit and be as classy as the past.

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This week the Spice Girls gave us a dose of “girl power”! Welcome back to #ThrowbackThursday.

1. Mel B (aka Scary) took us back to 1997, with this photo of the Spice Girls from their cover shoot for Rolling Stone.

2. Clearly, Victoria Justice was not having it in this photo.

3. Mia Farrow is breathtaking in this iconic photo taken by Roddy McDowall.

Hank Azaria @HankAzaria

I lost my mind when I met Tigger. He's still the celebrity I was most excited to meet. #tbt

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar reminds us that Buffy and Willow had some serious fashion moments.

Ellen Page @EllenPage

TBT from 1997, with my dear friend Jennie Raymond on the set of Pit Pony. First job ever. #goodtimes

11. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen proves she’s always been a good cook. Hopefully those cupcakes were for the cast of Saved by the Bell.

Michelle Rodriguez @MRodOfficial

With us forever… @RealPaulWalker @Tyrese @FastFurious #tbt #throwbackthursday

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