N64 Music Video

N64 Music Video

The XBox 1 and PS4 may be all the rave this year, but back in 1996 there was only one system every geek dreamed of for Christmas. 

The Nintendo 64. 

UPROXX traveled back in time to celebrate and remember one of the great systems of all time with this outrageous N64 music video


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The Avengers Trailer

Hollywood has been waiting forever for a franchise like the Marvel superheroes. After making a separate multi million dollar movie for each superhero, Marvel is now coming out with The Avengers. All your favorite superheros and actors team up in this epic super hero movie coming out May 2012. 


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By the mid 1990′s, people were more comfortable with technology. Granted, things were just getting started, but people were ready for technology to change their world. More and more people were using cell phones, and kids were being raised with video games and computers in school.

In just 1994, a nerdy think tank were already predicting a world were people used tablet computers to read the newspaper. It’s scary that they hit the nail right on the head exactly. The video is being shared on Gawker.


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This gamer is a great actor and lip syncs with 50 horrible, annoying, and cheesy voices from video games history. His expression really gives each voice a new face. Great work! He covers voices from famous games like The House of the Dead 2, Resident Evil, and Time Crisis.


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Video Game Alphabet

Artist, animator, and avid gamer  pooled his hobbies together to create this video game obsessed animation which has started to trend on Vimeo

The animation goes through the ABC’s of video games in a beautiful collage of popular gaming icons and characters. Did your favorite game make the list? How many can you recognize? 


Thanks Evan Seitz!

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Conan O’Brien Plays And Reviews The New Super Smash Bros On Wii U

Super Smash Brothers is one of Nintendo‘s most popular franchises. The original on the N64, and the sequels on the Gamecube and Wii are all still played today. With so many new games out there, that’s saying something. After much anticipation, Nintendo has unveiled that they are creating a brand new Super Smash Bros for their newest systems, the Wii U and handheld 3DS. 

Conan O’Brien and his nerd-in-chief on staff Aaron Blair were lucky enough to get their hands on an early release of the game to try it out and give it one of their famous Clueless Gamer reviews.  


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New YouTuber on the block Brian Anderson has instantly exploded online, mashing up countless web favorites into one epic parody video. He mixed Legos, Breaking Bad, and gaming to create this Lego Breaking Bad Video Game Parody that has quickly gone viralviral. 

Like so many other Lego video games, players interact in the Breaking Bad world that has been completely re-imagined with the ubiquitous plastic block toys. 

Shockingly, Brian admits he has “no affiliation with Traveller’s Tales, LEGO, or AMC.” Obviously, the impressive fan made video has fooled more than just a couple viewers.  

Already, the new video has garnered over 150,000 views, and is featured on DigitalSpy, Mashable, and IGN


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Were there glow in the dark stars on your bedroom ceiling? Did you go pond dipping? And fossil hunting?

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Kelly Oakes / Buzzfeed / Flickr: cmichel67 / webelements.com / Flickr: squeezyboy

  1. How many of these did you have? (Homemade versions count!)
    1. 1 johnadams.co.uk ✓ A chemistry set.
    2. 2 webelements.com ✓ Model DNA.
    1. 3 amazon.co.uk ✓ Crystal growing kit.
    2. 4 sciencemuseumshop.co.uk ✓ Soap bubble kit.
    1. 5 thediscoverystore.co.uk ✓ Glow in the dark stars.
    2. 6 amazon.co.uk ✓ Glow in the dark planets.
    1. 7 garnethill.com / Via geekologie.com ✓ Glow in the dark duvet cover.
    2. 8 mosishop.org.uk ✓ Night sky projection kit.
    1. 9 tigertribe.com.au ✓ Inflatable globe.
    2. 10 en.wikipedia.org / en.wikipedia.org ✓ Slime.
    1. 11 brio.net ✓ Wooden railway set.
    2. 12 en.wikipedia.org ✓ Spirograph.
    1. 13 Educational Insights / toysrus.com ✓ Binoculars.
    2. 14 telescopes.com ✓ Telescope.
    1. 15 ✓ Microscope.
    2. 16 Flickr: spencer77 / Creative Commons ✓ Net for pond dipping.
    1. 17 Flickr: paulspace / Creative Commons ✓ Pooter for collecting insects.
    2. 18 rokit.com ✓ Homemade water rocket.
    1. 19 sciencemuseumshop.co.uk ✓ Electronic circuit kit.
    2. 20 Flickr: cmichel67 / Creative Commons ✓ A terrarium.
    1. 21 Flickr: tschiae / Creative Commons ✓ Cress growing kit.
    2. 22 Instagram: @kahoakes ✓ My first science video.
    1. 23 Scholastic ✓ The Magic School Bus books.
    2. 24 Scholastic / Via thestrong.org ✓ The Magic School Bus video games.
    1. 25 Via amazon.co.uk ✓ A wooden dinosaur skeleton.
    2. 26 innovatoys.com ✓ Gyroscope.
    1. 27 ebay.co.uk ✓ Light up flashing gyroscope.
    2. 28 casio.co.uk ✓ A graphical calculator.
    1. 29 thinkgeek.com ✓ Ferrofluid in a jar.
    2. 30 Tellyaddict / en.wikipedia.org ✓ Walkie talkies.
    1. 31 sciencemuseumshop.co.uk ✓ Spy pen.
    2. 32 dropbox.com ✓ Forensics kit.
    1. 33 dropbox.com ✓ Make your own intruder alarm kit.
    2. 34 dropbox.com ✓ Prism.
    1. 35 sciencebobstore.com ✓ Invisible ink pen.
    2. 36 spyemporium.com ✓ Lie detector.
    1. 37 e-fliterc.com ✓ Remote control helicopter.
    2. 38 spottygreenfrog.co.uk ✓ Worm farm.
    1. 39 Flickr: span112 / CC ✓ Homemade volcano with baking soda.
    2. 40 Daniel Christensen / en.wikipedia.org ✓ Cornflour for making non-Newtonian fluid.
    1. 41 Didier Descouens / en.wikipedia.org ✓ Fool’s gold.
    2. 42 Flickr: arenamontanus / CC ✓ Chunk of quartz.
    1. 43 Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed ✓ Fossils you found on the beach.
    2. 44 Flickr: infobunny / CC ✓ Net for investigating rock pools.
    1. 45 Flickr: xrayspx / CC ✓ Potato clock.
    2. 46 Flickr: stevendepolo / CC ✓ Geode.
    1. 47 Dominique Toussaint / en.wikipedia.org ✓ Newton’s cradle.
    2. 48 Fenners / en.wikipedia.org ✓ Galilean thermometer.
    1. 49 Fun Learning / ebay.co.uk ✓ Solar system model.
    2. 50 Science Museum / amazon.co.uk ✓ Weather station.
    1. 51 4mation.co.uk ✓ Guardians of the Greenwood computer game.
    2. 52 Brøderbund Software / broderbund.com ✓ Logical Journey of the Zoombinis computer game.
    1. 53 mosishop.org.uk ✓ Circuit board notebook.
    2. 54 ✓ Crystal clear smart putty.
    1. 55 Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed ✓ Fuzzy felt in SPACE.
    2. 56 ✓ Fuzzy felt Dinosaurs.
    1. 57 wildforms.co.uk ✓ Magnifying glass.
    2. 58 rspb.org.uk ✓ RSPB membership.
    1. 59 shopping.rspb.org.uk ✓ Pocket guide to birds.
    2. 60 ebay.co.uk ✓ Pocket guide to fossils.
    1. 61 Collins / amazon.co.uk ✓ Pocket guide to insects.
    2. 62 amazon.co.uk ✓ Pocket guide to butterflies.
    1. 63 wildforms.co.uk ✓ Bug magnifying jars.
    2. 64 tts-group.co.uk ✓ Light up globe.
    1. 65 National Geographic / amazon.co.uk ✓ Atlas.
    2. 66 Booyabazooka / en.wikipedia.org ✓ Rubik’s cube.
    1. 67 toysrus.co.uk ✓ Sea monkeys.
    2. 68 owirobot.com ✓ Robot.
    1. 69 toysrus.co.uk ✓ Make your own buzz wire kit.
    2. 70 amazon.co.uk ✓ How Science Works book.

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How Geeky Were You As A Child?

  1. You weren’t super geeky as a kid. You probably went pond dipping once or twice, but were happier playing sport or making your own fun with your friends. But remember, it’s never too late to embrace your nerdy side.

    Flickr: spencer77 / Creative Commons

  2. You were pretty geeky as a kid. You spent some time experimenting and probably made more than your fair share of homemade volcanoes and rockets. But you were just as happy with other activities too.

    Flickr: span112 / Creative Commons

  3. You were very geeky as a kid. Science was probably one of your favourite subjects at school and you spent most of the holidays geeking out too. I mean, what’s the point of spending a day at the beach if you don’t dig around in some rock pools?


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Back in the late 1980′s, the video games market had a rebirth, thanks mostly to Nintendo and their Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1991, Nintendo introduced their new system, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with better graphics, more computing power, and better games. But it came with the steep 1991 price of $200. That’s around $331.46 today. 

The nightly news gave a ridiculous report on people who were “Ninten-pendent”, and were upset about the high price of the new system. The classic video clip is featured on Guyism


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