Each year, these two brothers take part in a Christmas tradition that honestly puts our own to shame. When they exchange gifts, they decide to make it a little more challenging. It’s not just about finding the perfect gift for each other and experiencing the love and joy of Christmas. Instead, it’s about tricks and frustration (and we love it). They wrap their gifts with the intent of actually trying to prevent the other from opening it. It’s just as hilarious as it is heartwarming.

The gift that he was going to (sadistically) wrap was a belt and an Xbox live gift card. It was on.

First, the belt got the plastic tie treatment.

Then, he added plenty o’ duct tape to the gift card.

Time for a thick plastic box…

Oh, and some fishing line.

And a padlock? Sure, why not.

And more duct tape!

Now, more fishing line, padlocks and chain! Yes, chain.


Oh, the humanity.

So many zip ties.


Good luck!

It actually makes the process of opening gifts both challenging and rewarding.

Source: reddit.com

We think this is a great way to give gifts (but we wouldn’t recommend it).

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