Charity YouTubers Pay $1300 For Special Family’s Car Repairs

Online charity group Give Back Films has returned to help a very special family.

Even though they were already short on cash after losing their jobs due to the economy, the couple adopted two kids from China. To help them out, GBF decided to pay their car repair bill. 

The moment they realized the burden of the $1,300 car bill was paid, the couple couldn’t help but smile. It was as if a weight was lifted off their shoulders.   

After meeting the online philanthropists, they were also given a $500 gift card to Walmart and a Nintendo Wii for the kids. 

“Oh my gosh are you serious?” the mom asked in shock. 


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There’s no such thing as being too young to make a difference.

1. Amber Wesley, 25

Meet Amber. She saw injustice in her lack of premium cable channels and decided she had to do something about it, even taking time out of work in order to meet the cable service person to right this wrong. “I think there is a misconception about millennials as entitled and lazy,” explained Amber, “but when I look around, most of my friends my age are spending almost all their free time working to improve their own lives.” Inspiring.

2. Sascha Hopkins, 24

Sascha had a comfortable childhood, and last year he decided to give back, starting by giving back to himself. In his apartment alone, he saw the lack of a SodaStream in his kitchen, a last-generation Droid, and a flatscreen TV in dire need of a PS4. Instead of just hoping these things would happen, Sascha took charge and raised over a thousand dollars from his parents to buy these things for himself. “You always hear that one person can’t make a difference,” said Sascha, “but I’ve seen marked improvements in my own life, after only a little while.”

3. Ashley Vaughn, 26

Last year, Ashley saw a news report showing the conditions in Southeast Asia, and it was then that she decided to go there to improve the quality of her own life. For 12 weeks, Ashley tirelessly enriched her own experiences, even going as far as paying her Vietnam tour guide a little extra to take her to the impoverished town of Ho Coc so she could get drunk on its beautiful secluded beach. “I hope I inspire other millennials to go explore Asia for a month or two,” said Ashley. “It’s even better with a group of friends.”

4. Logan Aldridge, 25

When he was 12, Logan’s parents took him one night to help serve food in a homeless shelter. That experience had a staggering impact on him. He vowed, right then and there, that he would do whatever he could to ensure that never happened to him, and he’s been good on his word. “What hit me the hardest was that most of these people didn’t have shoes,” said Logan. “I’ve been buying and collecting shoes ever since to ensure that I am never like that.”

5. Jacob Harrigan, 23

Instead of pursuing a lucrative career in law or finance after graduating college, Jacob decided to dedicate his life to self-service. And he’s blogging and tweeting every step of his journey to gain more visibility for the issue of making his life better. “I’m not going to change my life overnight; I will work hard every day to get all the products that will make me happy,” said Jacob. “I want my children to grow up in a world where I have a lot of stuff.”

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