This is like finding out which college you get accepted into, but with superpowers.

    1. CBS ✓ Saved by the Bell
    2. CTV/TeenNick ✓ Degrassi
    3. NBC/Universal ✓ Friday Night Lights
    1. Warner Bros. ✓ Pretty Little Liars
    2. ABC ✓ My So-Called Life
    3. 20th Century Fox ✓ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    1. Warner Bros. ✓ The O.C.
    2. Warner Bros. ✓ Gilmore Girls
    3. Apatow/Dreamworks ✓ Freaks and Geeks

Which Superhero Team Should You Join?

  1. You got: B.P.R.D.

    You feel like an outsider and like to be around other people who identify as outcasts. You don’t like to attract attention to yourself, and don’t mind if people aren’t aware of your good deeds.

    Dark Horse

  2. You got: Guardians of the Galaxy

    You’re kind of a misfit, and are drawn to other misfits. You’re always looking for a new adventure and love to try new things.

    Marvel Studios

  3. You got: Powerpuff Girls

    You’re upbeat and optimistic, and are always up for a fun adventure. You care a lot about helping your community, even when they ask you to do really weird things.

    Cartoon Network

  4. You got: Teen Titans

    You’re a youthful, free spirit and want to be around other people who share your outlook on the world. Sometimes you feel like you’re in the shadow of your mentors, but that inspires you to carve out your own identity.

    DC Comics/Warner Bros.

  5. You got: Legion of Super Heroes

    You have a very strong sense of personal identity, but nevertheless love being part of a large, diverse community. You’re very optimistic about the future, and kinda wish that you just lived there.

    DC Comics

  6. You got: Fantastic Four

    The two things that matter most to you are science and family. You are endlessly curious and love to go explore the world.

    Marvel Comics

  7. You got: Green Lantern Corps

    You have the ability to overcome great fear! You care a lot about law and order, and enjoy being part of a larger group.

    DC Comics

  8. You got: Sailor Scouts

    You love being part of a close-knit group, and don’t mind following someone with a big, charismatic personality. You’re really into color-coordination.


  9. You got: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    You’re light-hearted and optimistic and don’t take life too seriously. You care a lot about your family, and are always looking for a new adventure.

    Fred Wolf Films

  10. You got: Justice League

    You’re very good at what you do, and need to be around other people who are on your level. You have a tendency to be focused mainly on work, but hey, you love what you do.

    DC Comics

  11. You got: Avengers

    You’re a big shot, and want to be around other big shots. You sometimes clash with your friends, but you’re unstoppable when you’re all on the same page.

    Marvel Studios

  12. You got: X-Men

    You feel like an outcast and desperately want to be part of a supportive community. You don’t always get along with your friends, but you’d still do anything to help them.

    Marvel Comics


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1. Lee Pace napped next to campers in line for H Hall.

Lee Pace napped next to campers in line for H Hall.

View this image › / Via

2. Pedro Pascal was the Sailor Scout of your dreams.

3. The Orphan Black panel drowned in tears.

The Orphan Black panel drowned in tears.

View this image › / Via

4. Tatiana Maslany and Matt Smith became BFFs.


5. Team Salvatore was #TeamNoUndies.

Team Salvatore was #TeamNoUndies.

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6. Dylan O’Brian’s preciousness reduced a girl to tears and hugging her did not make it stop.



Community @CommunityTV

Dan Harmon jokes, 'we've already started work on a Pokemon episode.' #CommunityLivesOn #SDCC

8. Lady Sif cosplayed a flawless Wolverine.

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9. Robert Downey Jr. (or Iron Man, your choice) threw roses at H Hall.


10. And confirmed he’s on Tumblr.


11. SDCC counter-scheduled against misogyny.

CRT @StoryofEverest

So this is fantastic: There is a “Women Who Kick Ass” SDCC panel in Hall H scheduled immediately before Marvel. In other words, if you…

CRT @StoryofEverest

Want to see Marvel's presentation about what they have planned next,u are REQUIRED to watch an hour long discussion of female representation

CRT @StoryofEverest

In media because you'll lose your seat if you get up. The same fanboys who say it's no big deal that Marvel hasn't had a female lead are

CRT @StoryofEverest

Currently being held hostage to be told why they are wrong by some of the most talented women in genre right now. Whoever scheduled this…

CRT @StoryofEverest


12. Chris Hemsworth was just as hyped for the new female Thor as the rest of us.


13. And we were promised pictures of RDJ in a thong.

And we were promised pictures of RDJ in a thong.

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14. Steven Yuen turned The Walking Dead panel up to NC-17.




16. Osric Chau surprised everyone with some hard hitting questions.




17. We got our first look at the DC Trinity.

18. Benedict Cumberbatch made dick jokes.


19. Dan Rad went incognito as Spider-Man on the SDCC floor.


20. Team Avatar doubled down on female friendships.

The 23 Most Amazing Things That Happened At Comic-Con This Year

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The 23 Most Amazing Things That Happened At Comic-Con This Year

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21. Norman Reedus was wooed.


22. Historical FMK was all the rage.

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