This year’s E3 showed off a myriad of new technology intended to enhance our gaming experiences. The impending release of two powerful next generation gaming consoles this holiday season means games are going to become more advanced.

These advancements will not only improve the quality of the games’ looks onscreen, but also allow them to interact with the players unlike ever before. From motion controls to second-screen gaming, E3 offered a glimpse of the bright, innovative future to come in gaming.

Of all the technology on display, we’ve highlighted the five trends we expect to change gaming in the next few years or so. See something we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Motion Controls Get Smarter

While Nintendo’s Wii pioneered motion controls for gaming and Microsoft’s Kinect brought a whole body sensor to the Xbox 360, the current offerings on the market are far from perfect. Motion controls are often gimmicky or added in unnecessarily. Additionally, Kinect’s camera often requires exaggerated movements to follow the player’s action.

Microsoft’s new Kinect for the Xbox One is much more precise than the demos shown at E3. Microsoft’s tech demo showed how it could detect more precise movements. In order to raise your shields and deflect bullets during a first-person shooter style match, you would simply tilt the controller upward. To activate your night vision goggles, you would tap the side of your head, and simply tilt your body left or right to literally lean around corners.

“We tried to make the motions more natural to what a gamer would do,” Yusef Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of marketing and strategy for Interactive Entertainment Business branch, told Mashable.

This may include any natural moves by intense gamers. For example, in a racing game, a player might lean his body into the turns, which this upgraded Kinect would detect.

Harmonix, a company adept at working with the Kinect for its Dance Central games, showed how motion controls could operate in a more abstract way during the demonstration of its upcoming title Fantasia: Music Evolved. In the game, players conduct music with motions, enhancing the world around them. It’s a unique game, and we haven’t seen a control scheme quite like it before.

2. The Evolved Second Screen

At this year’s E3, we saw more second-screen integration from not only console makers, but also from game publishers.

Microsoft revealed much more information on the interaction between tablets running SmartGlass and Xbox One games. In Roman action-adventure game Ryse, for example, players can use tablets to watch friends’ concurrent progress through different levels, along with videos of their conquests. In Xbox One’s Project Spark, a game-creation game, players can use tablets in concert with the controller to create your game world.

Publisher Ubisoft released two titles with their own apps designed for tablets, both which added value for players. In Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, an Android and iOS app functions like a GPS device, allowing players to use it as a map in-game for their quests. When the game isn’t running, the app allows players to send their fleet to quests while they’re not playing.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a multiplayer, third-person action game that challenges players to control a pandemic in New York. The drop-in/drop-out co-op allows for players to quickly join one another’s games, and also allows for players to join via tablet. That tablet player operates a drone in the game, which can aid its team by marking enemies for takedown, healing allies and surveying the area well. It’s impressive because the player on the tablet is actually taking part in a real-time game session.

Of course, the Wii U tried to bring this idea to fruition last year with its touchscreen GamePad controller. While third-party games take full advantage of the screen’s ability to convey extra information to the player, the screen hasn’t been very widely adopted. Some of Nintendo’s newer first-party titles use the feature frequently, such as in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Wii U remake, which uses the GamePad screen to swap items rather than forcing the user to pause the game to access a menu.

3. Virtual Reality

Developers have only been working on Oculus Rift for a few months, but already the virtual reality headset shows promise in creativity. Virtual reality often feeks like a gaming pipe dream hallmarked by goofy accessories and poorly functioning technology — but that’s about to change.

Oculus Rift creator Palmer Lucky said his company has come a long way since last year’s E3, when the headset was only being shown off by former id Software co-founder John Carmack. With 10,000 developer kits in the wild (and more shipping), creators from all backgrounds have been working on virtual reality games, and now, Oculus Rift is working with some of the most commonly used engines such as Unreal 4 and Unity.

We played five or six Oculus Rift games at E3. The biggest of note was EVR, created by CCP Games, the makers of EVE Online. This space fighting game was only a tech demo, according to CCP developers, but it still demonstrated the awesome, immersive power of virtual reality.

Other indie titles featuring the Oculus Rift were playable at the IndieCade booth, and each provided a different take on the benefits of virtual reality. Soundself, a game created by Robin Arnott, focused on meditative chanting; the player’s tonal hums made the dizzying spirals in front of his eyes spin and pulse along with the sounds he made.

Oculus Rift continues to expand. The company announced Monday that it received $16 million in venture funding to continue hardware development, and OculusVR showed off its new HD Rift at E3 — a first for the platform.

4. Game DVR and Streaming

It’s hard to ignore the growing trend of gaming as a spectator sport, with the rise of Major League Gaming and Twitch as places for fans to watch live streams of games.

Both Sony and Microsoft have recognized that gamers want to share their content, so they integrated methods in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to simplify a previously complicated process. Both consoles feature the ability to broadcast gameplay live with minimal work; the Xbox One streams to Twitch, while the PS4 sends live video to Ustream. Both consoles also capture gameplay continuously via game DVR, and both allow players to edit and share key moments with friends.

5. Cloud Computing

Console makers have turned to cloud computing as a way to extend the life of gaming consoles and ensure players get more out of the hardware in their living rooms. Instead of the console acting as the entire workhorse for processing, some will be handled by remote servers.

This isn’t a new idea to gaming. The now-defunct OnLive started a few years ago on the premise that players could harness server power to play a wide variety of games that weren’t on their home computers — and it wasn’t the only company working on that idea. In 2010, Sony purchased streaming company GaiKai, and its technology is now helping power the PlayStation 4’s cloud services.

Sony detailed streaming in its February press conference, sharing that it would be used to eventually bring older PlayStation games to the next-generation console (which are currently incompatible due to radical architecture changes from previous generations). Sony also plans to use cloud computing to allow PlayStation 4 games to stream on the handheld PlayStation Vita.

In an Xbox One demo, Microsoft software engineers harnessed the console’s internal processor to render 40,000 of the asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, displaying their movement in real time. Then, they showed that with help from Microsoft’s 300,000 servers, the Xbox One could render 330,000 asteroids in that same belt. The engineer explained that this technology could make games look better, increase the map size and decrease load times.

These technologies are the biggest examples of trends found at this year’s E3, but they aren’t the only ones. Gaming is evolving rapidly with the launch of new consoles, new players getting involved in the field and the rise of mobile gaming. I’m sure we’ll see great things in the future, even as soon as next year’s conference.

Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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By the mid 1990′s, people were more comfortable with technology. Granted, things were just getting started, but people were ready for technology to change their world. More and more people were using cell phones, and kids were being raised with video games and computers in school.

In just 1994, a nerdy think tank were already predicting a world were people used tablet computers to read the newspaper. It’s scary that they hit the nail right on the head exactly. The video is being shared on Gawker.


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1. Being happy.

Very happy people have sex 10 more times per year than unhappy people, according to a 2008 study.

2. Playing video games.

According to a poll by market research firm Harris Interactive, women who play video games are more likely to have sex at least once a week than women who don’t. Also, a majority — 64% — of the female gamers surveyed were in serious relationships.

3. Being spiritual.

tanatat / Via shutterstock.com

Spirituality, as distinct from religiousness, appears to affect sexual behavior, according to a 2009 study. Specifically, the study found that young women whose spirituality manifested itself as a feeling of “connectedness” to others had more sex with more partners than those who felt less “connected.” Unfortunately, women who felt very connected were also less likely to use condoms. Spirituality affected men differently — men who were very spiritual actually had less sex.

4. A healthy heart.

Christos Georghiou / Via shutterstock.com

Research shows that cardiovascular disease can contribute to male and female sexual dysfunction, so taking care of your heart can also improve your sex life. It goes both ways — having frequent sex also decreases your risk of a heart attack.

5. Doing housework.

A study made a big splash earlier this year with the finding that men who did fewer traditionally female chores had more sex. But previous research has found that in general, men and women who do more housework also have more sex. And women whose male partners help more with housework may be more satisfied with their relationships, also leading to more sex. So start ironing bacon, everybody.

6. Exercise.

Vigorous exercise seems to be especially helpful. In a 1990 study, sedentary men who started an exercise program all reported more and better sex, but the ones who did aerobic exercise had a bigger improvement than the ones who just walked. Another study found that working out vigorously made women’s bodies more responsive to sexy stimuli (the study authors used a porn movie).

7. Being hot.

This apparently only works for men, though. According to one researcher, men who are very good-looking report more sex partners in their lives than more average dudes; the reverse is true for women. It’s worth noting, though, that more partners doesn’t necessarily mean more sex — also, people don’t always tell the truth about this stuff to researchers.

8. Being hot (literally).

A survey sponsored by Trojan found that people in warm cities like Miami have more sex than those in colder ones. But they’re still more likely to abstain when the weather gets insanely hot. Slate’s Explainer hypothesizes that “pleasant-to-bearable heat” may be most conducive to sex.

9. Traveling with your partner.

John T Takai / Via shutterstock.com

In a recent survey, 77% of couples who travel together reported a good sex life, compared with 63% of couples who didn’t. Caveat: The survey was commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association.

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What is the “Fake Geek Girl”? It is the accusation that women are pretending to be nerdy for male attention.

1. You know, because EVERYTHING women do is totes for the menz.

The ‘fake geek girl’ meme is basically this interaction.

It’d be nice to have a Fairy Gamer Momma in times like this.

Comic by Sailorswayze

In reality, there is no such thing as the fake geek girl.

“There is no such thing as a fake geek girl. There are only girls who are at different, varying levels of falling in love with something the society generically considers to fall under the nerd culture category.” – Youtube personality albinwonderland in her video “Fake Geek Girl”

But you can find it all over the place.

This ad was placed on the back of Scott Snyder’s Batman #13. Alienating women in a single bound!

It even comes from professionals in the industry.

Comics writer Dirk Manning posted this image on his Facebok page.

Tony Harris, a comic book writer who worked on Iron Man, Starman, and Ex Machina, posted this rant on his facebook.

tl;dr Women at conventions are imposters! And whores! I don’t respect any women and assume their entire existence is for the pleasure of men! Boobies!

2. It is incredibly sexist.

…and it’s not like geekdom isn’t mired in enough sexism as it is.

The Hawkeye Initiative is a project fans started to “draw attention to how deformed, hyper-sexualized, and unrealistically posed/dressed women are drawn in comics.”

Comic by Litebox

It’s really just absurd.

Comic by Dorktower

People are allowed to like *some* elements of a culture. In fact, this happens all the time!

Getting mad at women for liking what is considered a ‘superficial’ part of nerd culture but ignoring the fact that men also enjoy ‘superficial’ parts of other cultures as well? Oops! Your sexism is showing, again.

Comic by Radrangy

4. So instead of accusing people of being posers…

Not everyone has to like what you like in exactly the same way that you like it.

Kindly step off your ‘geekier than thou’ high horse.

And to all those out there who have been accused of being the ‘fake geek girl’…

…and get ready to feast.

Comic by Oxboxer

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If you’re a fan of high-level strategy games and want to kick alien butt Will Smith-style, you’ll be excited to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game, out in two weeks for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, is a reboot of X-COM: UFO Defense, a 1994 strategy classic gamers still reminisce about. The new game, like the original, is made by Firaxis, and will be published by 2K Games.

Aliens have invaded Earth, and a shadowy council has organized the world’s major powers into XCOM (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit) to fight the global siege. If you fail, the planet is toast, so you’d better put your strategizing hat on.

Mashable spent some quality time with Enemy Unknown on the Xbox 360, and it has high potential to satisfy fans of the series and those entirely new to the franchise.

Good for Strategy Newbies

If you aren’t very familiar with turn-based strategy games, Enemy Unknown is ready for you. You’re quickly dropped into the action with a small squad, and the game takes you step-by-step through setting up your troops, finding cover, and shooting a variety of weapons all without dragging you through a burdensome tutorial.

The game absolutely rewards strategic decisions, and doesn’t allow you to run headlong into a fight without really feeling the repercussions. Each soldier’s route is clearly laid as you move them, so you can see if you are running them past danger or if your cover is protective enough. You can gauge almost every decision on statistics, and decide what weapons to use from there.

The fighting is really satisfying and flows well. You are given so many ways to use your squad, especially given the variety of terrain you’ll fight on. Soldiers can run in and out of buildings, and use the roof to take down aliens with a sniper or a rocket launcher. Your squad can also play more defensively thanks to a function called “overwatch,” which allows you to spend turn actions waiting for an enemy to come in range or out of cover so you can fire on it.

The most important thing the game drills into your head early is that the soldiers you send out for missions aren’t a nameless, expendable force. You’ll need to keep them alive so you can promote them, and train them with new skills. It’s all part of the broad asset management system that takes the game to the next strategic level.

More Than One Game

XCOM: Enemy Unknown doesn’t stop at the battlefield, though. Your base can also provide hours of potential gameplay. Once you arrive, you’re greeted with a view referred to as “the ant farm” — a bisected version of your base where you can voyeuristically watch your staff doing their jobs.

You’ll use your base to level up almost everything. You can promote and train soldiers in the barracks, research the alien technologies you’ve collected in the lab, and build new equipment in the engineering room. The number of staff you allocate to those posts determines how quickly you can accomplish objectives, because new equipment is vital to winning battles on the ground.

You’re also given a screen showing the levels of distress of XCOM member nations as they are attacked by aliens. If you let any of those countries boil over, they’ll leave the alliance, and you need their resources. But you also have to weigh that against what countries are offering the best rewards for your help. As you can see, every action has a consequence, and you can take wildly different paths during each playthrough.

The game content doesn’t stop there, because Enemy Unknown also offers a multiplayer mode for a 1-versus-1 battle. Players can pick human or alien soldiers to fill out their squads, then outfit them with weapons based on a certain point buy. Players can even save dream teams for future matches. Playing versus another person wasn’t something available in the original titles, but it allows players to really experiment with unique play styles against their friends.

Reliving Nostalgia

For fans of the series, the refresh should be welcome, and all the improvements made to the game seem to add to its depth. After playing on a console controller, I think I would probably prefer the accuracy of a mouse and keyboard for this game, which makes sense for a strategy title. Some of the console controls seemed a little loose or non-intuitive, but that can also be attributed to only playing for an hour and a half.

The free demo of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available on Steam, and a console version will follow. If you want to relive your nostalgia, or compare the gameplay of the two, X-COM: UFO Defense is also available on Steam for $4.99. The full version of the game is out Oct. 9.

Are you excited to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Let us know in the comments.

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This gamer is a great actor and lip syncs with 50 horrible, annoying, and cheesy voices from video games history. His expression really gives each voice a new face. Great work! He covers voices from famous games like The House of the Dead 2, Resident Evil, and Time Crisis.


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1. True scientific fact: the godzilla parrot drove all superheros to extinction

2. The PH level of an acid owl’s spittle is -9,000

3. The lich cormorant builds its nests from human femurs

4. Drill owls can fly right through a tank’s armor

5. Its only natural predator is the drill cat

6. The stomping duck buried all of North Korea’s nukes

7. Pterocranes plucked Amelia Earhart out of the sky

8. Bicep gulls preside over thrones of skulls

9. Why. Why is this even happening.

10. This octo-owl will trail its moist tentacles across your cheek at night

11. 12.5% of the world’s knife crimes are contributed by this golden eagle alone

12. The cerebrus cockatrice nagged half of ’50s teenagers to death

13. And this galactic songbird exploded over Siberia

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1. This woman who tried to ride an escalator in a wheelchair.

2. This dude planking on a McDonald’s sign.

3. This person wearing whatever this is.

4. This woman who couldn’t fit in her theater seat.

5. This cheetah woman and her kin.

6. This person in a cow costume.

7. This woman who is also maybe a witch.

8. This woman taking a selfie.

9. This woman who tucked her tatas into her pants.

10. This woman wearing these tights.

11. This woman wearing a cat coat.

12. This person walking their computer.

13. This bro who is also maybe a witch.

14. This dude planking on a tiger.

15. This girl with super big hair.

16. This kid eating pizza with chopsticks.

17. This cheese model.

19. This parent carrying a child.

20. This woman eating a block of cheese.

22. This kid who brought his Xbox to prom.

23. This girl just doing her homework.

24. This person who wore these Crocs for this long.

25. This girl eating her own fist.

26. This guy riding the bus.

27. This dude getting lunch.

29. This woman wearing this Sarah Palin t-shirt.

32. This person with these toenails.

33. This kid at the grocery store.

34. This guy who shaved his chest like this.

36. This girl wearing a Doritos bag in her hair.

37. This grandma at the grocery store.

38. This dude at Starbucks.

39. This girl who is also a cat.

40. This woman at Burger King.

41. This McDonald’s wizard.

42. And Paula Deen.

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This is like finding out which college you get accepted into, but with superpowers.

    1. CBS ✓ Saved by the Bell
    2. CTV/TeenNick ✓ Degrassi
    3. NBC/Universal ✓ Friday Night Lights
    1. Warner Bros. ✓ Pretty Little Liars
    2. ABC ✓ My So-Called Life
    3. 20th Century Fox ✓ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    1. Warner Bros. ✓ The O.C.
    2. Warner Bros. ✓ Gilmore Girls
    3. Apatow/Dreamworks ✓ Freaks and Geeks

Which Superhero Team Should You Join?

  1. You got: B.P.R.D.

    You feel like an outsider and like to be around other people who identify as outcasts. You don’t like to attract attention to yourself, and don’t mind if people aren’t aware of your good deeds.

    Dark Horse

  2. You got: Guardians of the Galaxy

    You’re kind of a misfit, and are drawn to other misfits. You’re always looking for a new adventure and love to try new things.

    Marvel Studios

  3. You got: Powerpuff Girls

    You’re upbeat and optimistic, and are always up for a fun adventure. You care a lot about helping your community, even when they ask you to do really weird things.

    Cartoon Network

  4. You got: Teen Titans

    You’re a youthful, free spirit and want to be around other people who share your outlook on the world. Sometimes you feel like you’re in the shadow of your mentors, but that inspires you to carve out your own identity.

    DC Comics/Warner Bros.

  5. You got: Legion of Super Heroes

    You have a very strong sense of personal identity, but nevertheless love being part of a large, diverse community. You’re very optimistic about the future, and kinda wish that you just lived there.

    DC Comics

  6. You got: Fantastic Four

    The two things that matter most to you are science and family. You are endlessly curious and love to go explore the world.

    Marvel Comics

  7. You got: Green Lantern Corps

    You have the ability to overcome great fear! You care a lot about law and order, and enjoy being part of a larger group.

    DC Comics

  8. You got: Sailor Scouts

    You love being part of a close-knit group, and don’t mind following someone with a big, charismatic personality. You’re really into color-coordination.


  9. You got: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    You’re light-hearted and optimistic and don’t take life too seriously. You care a lot about your family, and are always looking for a new adventure.

    Fred Wolf Films

  10. You got: Justice League

    You’re very good at what you do, and need to be around other people who are on your level. You have a tendency to be focused mainly on work, but hey, you love what you do.

    DC Comics

  11. You got: Avengers

    You’re a big shot, and want to be around other big shots. You sometimes clash with your friends, but you’re unstoppable when you’re all on the same page.

    Marvel Studios

  12. You got: X-Men

    You feel like an outcast and desperately want to be part of a supportive community. You don’t always get along with your friends, but you’d still do anything to help them.

    Marvel Comics


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