Even with such great technology, people crave to be more immersed into their video games. They want to feel like they are the hero saving the world. Finally, the most realistic shooter type game is here. Forget Halo, and COD, right here is the real thing. But maybe you should play outside. It get a little too real. The video is being featured on StuffIStoleFromTheInternet, and MyExtraLife.


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Graphic by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

There’s this quote by super mad genius computer scientist Alan Kay that people come back to a lot: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

For a long time, that’s meant Apple. Apple designs and creates hardware, along with the software that runs on it. And in a way that’s been even more true over time — in the last few years, Apple’s bought chip companies so it can design the brains of its iOS devices in house. The theory is that it simply works better that way, because it all works together. The software is perfectly tailored for the hardware — the chips inside, the buttons, the screen — and the hardware is crafted with the software in mind. Apple even constructed its own distribution system, with the Apple Store. Kind of like the old vertically integrated Hollywood studio system. It controls every aspect of the experience (unless you go to a Best Buy, but even they’re required to raise an Apple obelisk in the store, like a portal into another world, Apple World).

Microsoft, the biggest software company in the world, has done the opposite for the last couple of decades: It makes software and sells it to a hardware company like HP or Dell or Samsung. They turn around and sell you a computer or phone with Microsoft’s software installed on it. This has worked pretty well by at least one measure: volume. Windows was on over 90 percent of the world’s computers for nearly two decades, and is still on the totally overwhelming majority of them.

But something’s changed. Microsoft’s most beloved product is the Xbox 360 and Kinect, which Microsoft constructed atoms to bits. It’s now designing, building and selling its own tablet, Surface, to be a “stage for Windows.” It did this in secret, without telling the companies that’ve been making Windows PCs for years. Surface’s killer feature is probably a piece of hardware. From a “software company.” When it launched Windows Phone in Fall 2010, it architected the hardware for partners like Samsung to follow. Then it went ahead and more or less bought its own phone company anyway, in a multi-billion dollar deal with Nokia. (The trick is that Microsoft got most of the benefits of buying Nokia without any of the downsides.) Oh, and it’s building out Microsoft Stores like crazy, in which it’ll exclusively sell Surface tablets.

In a sentence, Microsoft, the world’s biggest and most important software company, is now effectively designing and building the hardware for the three products most critical to its future: Windows, Xbox and Phone. And building its own distribution system for them. Because it got really serious about its software.

Phones and computers and TV boxes are not single-celled organisms floating in a primordial sea of electricity anymore. They’re parts of complex organisms. Hardware is the skeleton and guts; the internet and wireless connectivty is sinew; software is the meat. It’s what people ultimately touch and experience when they use technology. It’s not surprising Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows Phone 8 is going to run the same Windows core as Windows 8 itself — and I suspect the next Xbox will run it as well.

It’s not a neat trick that a Windows 8 tablet can seamlessly connect to an Xbox 360 or a Windows Phone — and all of those things back to each other — any more than it’s a neat trick you can touch your nose. They’re both complicated, coordinated actions, in a way. But it’s just how things are supposed to work. What we’ve seen and experienced over the past few years is that the only way to orchestrate those simple-but-complex actions is to control the entire system. Bones, muscles, nerves. Otherwise you end up poking yourself in the eye a lot.

There’s a very good money reason for Microsoft to start selling complete pieces of technology, designed end-to-end. But I think it just wants to be able to scratch its nose.

Even Google, whose eventual endgame is having you live your life in a browser, designs a Nexus phone every year, the pinnacle of Android, that it collaborates super tightly with a manufacturer to produce, which it originally intended to distribute itself. This year, it’s probably putting out a Nexus tablet, too.

And what of the “hardware companies”? Well, they’re making more and more of their own software. Samsung’s software already smothers Google’s Android, and it’s building its own phone OS from the ground up. HTC’s talked about buying its own mobile OS. The whole HP-Palm debacle was because HP wanted its own platform that would run on everything from PCs to phones to tablets to…printers.

What this means for you is that there’s going to be a day, very, very, very soon — pretty much now — where it’s going to be dumb to buy a phone or computer that wasn’t built — hardware-software-services — by Microsoft or Apple or Google, the three companies whose platforms you’re going to be using for the foreseeable future. Not quite as soon, but eventually, you might not even have a choice. Well your choice will be very simple: Apple, Google or Microsoft. It’ll be better that way, probably. People don’t like choices very much anyway.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mattbuchanan/everyware-the-future-of-gadgets-is-one-company-o

Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix

The next entry to the rebooted Tomb Raider will only be coming to Xbox One, eschewing other platforms like PC and PlayStation 4.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity was announced at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany Tuesday morning. The game follows 2013’s gritty reboot of the franchise, putting a younger, less-experience Lara Croft on a dangerous tropical island.

While it wasn’t entirely clear if Rise of the Tomb Raider would come to PS4 and PC a few months after its holiday 2015 release on Xbox One, the Tomb Raider blog,which developer Crystal Dynamics runs, clarifies that is not the case.

“Our friends at Microsoft have always seen huge potential in Tomb Raider and have believed in our vision since our first unveil with them on their stage at E3 2011. We know they will get behind this game more than any support we have had from them in the past – we believe this will be a step to really forging the Tomb Raider brand as one of the biggest in gaming, with the help, belief and backing of a major partner like Microsoft.

“This doesn’t mean that we’re walking away from our fans who only play on PlayStation or on PC. Those are great systems, with great partners, and amazing communities. We have Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris coming to those platforms this December, and Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition is available on PS4.”

What do you think about Tomb Raider only coming to Xbox One? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2014/08/12/rise-of-the-tomb-raider-xbox-one/

When a movie is based on a book, the title will often be changed. Here is a look at what several movies would be called if they hadnt edited or completely rewritten the titles


Ed Wood


Mean Girls

What If These Movies Were Named the Same as Their Books | 22 Words img.wp-smiley,img.emoji{display:inline!important;border:none!important;box-shadow:none!important;height:1em!important;width:1em!important;margin:0 .07em!important;vertical-align:-0.1em!important;background:none!important;padding:0!important;}img#wpstats{display:none}.nav_item{position:relative;}


Saved so far. Join the Cause!

When a movie is based on a book, the title will often be changed. Here is a look at what several movies would be called if they hadnt edited or completely rewritten the titles


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Redditors asked “What do you most want to be invented in your lifetime?” And the results were super interesting.

1. For people who forget their dreams.

For people who forget their dreams.

View this image ›

Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

2. For people too lazy to clean.

For people too lazy to clean.

View this image ›

Cartoon Network / Via reddit.com

3. For people too lazy to drive.

For people too lazy to drive.

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Via Flickr: mbell1975

4. For people sick of grocery shopping.

For people sick of grocery shopping.

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en.wikipedia.org / Via reddit.com

5. For the fruit snob.

For the fruit snob.

View this image ›

docakilah.wordpress.com / Via reddit.com

6. For people who want to observe history.

For people who want to observe history.

View this image ›

Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

7. For people who want to rewrite it.

For people who want to rewrite it.

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Flickr: 37664696@N02 / Via reddit.com

8. For people who overheat their food.

For people who overheat their food.

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Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

9. For people who never learned know how to skate.

For people who never learned know how to skate.

View this image ›

Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

10. For people who always lose their mind.

For people who always lose their mind.

View this image ›

Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

11. For people who wanna kick it in space.

For people who wanna kick it in space.

View this image ›

Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

12. For people who want to travel the world.

For people who want to travel the world.

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CBS / Via reddit.com

13. For people who want to arrive in style.

For people who want to arrive in style.

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United Artists / Via reddit.com

14. For people who dig iron suits.

For people who dig iron suits.

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Warner Bros. / Via reddit.com

15. For people who want live out their video games.

For people who want live out their video games.

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Capcom / Via reddit.com

16. For the people sick of ruining the planet.

For the people sick of ruining the planet.

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en.wikipedia.org / Via reddit.com

An environmentally friendly energy source.

17. And for the people wanting to escape it for awhile.

And for the people wanting to escape it for awhile.

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NASA / Via reddit.com



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Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

19. For people willing to freeze themselves.

For people willing to freeze themselves.

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Lucasfilm / Via reddit.com

20. For people excited for these future inventions.

For people excited for these future inventions.

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Shutterstock / Via reddit.com

21. And for the people who deserve them now.

And for the people who deserve them now.

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Flickr: cubagallery / Via reddit.com

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Flickr: 28399450@N07 / Via reddit.com

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1. JANUARY: Well, the year started off right. JaVale, then with the Washington Wizards, was stared at by a baby.

Cool baby.

2. JaVale also made huge strides in the field of mobile DJs by attaching speakers to a roomba. DJ Roomba in the HIZZOUSE.

View this embed ›

3. We discovered that he walks around his apartment in an astronaut suit.

4. And he closed out the first month of a great 2012 by throwing an alley-oop to himself in a loss to the Houston Rockets. Note: this is not OK to do in a game. At all.


In February, the Wizards established themselves firmly as one of the league’s worst teams — JaVale was a starter every night — and JaVale charted two of his greatest plays of all time.

6. FIRST: He goaltended a shot. OK, that happens. But he didn’t just, like, tip it away from the hoop — he catapulted the ball into the stands. Really, really far.

7. SECOND: After missing a hook shot, JaVale just assumed that the Raptors rebounded the ball, and so he sprinted back on defense — even though Washington still had possession. John Wall was very, very confused.


March was a pivotal month in the year of JaVale. The Wizards traded him to the Denver Nuggets for Nene, meaning that, for the first time in his career, JaVale would actually play for a good team.

9. The best reaction came from his mom. It’s a shame how gangsta his moms is.

10. (Speaking of JaVale’s mom… don’t ever mess with JaVale’s mom.)

11. So, what kind of start did JaVale’s Nuggets career get off to? You guessed it: he… scored a game-winning dunk?


12. APRIL:

April was a dark month, because it was the month we learned that JaVale sold his Segway to Wizards teammate Kevin Seraphin after he got traded.

13. In memoriam, let’s remember that time he drove his Segway through a McDonald’s drive-thru.

14. On a brighter note, we learn from a Sports Illustrated profile that JaVale calls his off-the-backboard self-oop the “Super Hi-Fi Superphonic Supersonic Ultra Intercontinental Bring It Around the World Throw It Off the Back Dunk,” which is pretty cool.

Thanks, SI! You really can’t watch this too many times.

15. We also learned that even Metta World Peace rags on JaVale: “I don’t think he watches tape. I think he plays video games, and he could possibly have an Atari.”

Yeah, that Metta World Peace.

16. MAY: In May, JaVale made the first playoff appearances of his career against the Los Angeles Lakers, quickly drawing eyes with plays like this.

17. He had a fantastic performance in Game 5, and his 21 points and 14 rebounds helped the Nuggets take L.A. to seven games. They also led to this legendary moment.

Unfortunately, JaVale would go only 2-12 in the Nuggets’ last two playoff games, at which point they were eliminated by the Lakers.

18. Fortunately, just because JaVale was out of the playoffs didn’t mean he was out of our hearts. He tweeted about copping a pet platypus…

20. …then revealed that, in fact, he had LIED about copping a pet platypus. It was a roller-coaster day for all of us.


In June, July, and August, JaVale mostly kept off the radar, which made sense, considering that the NBA was off until the fall. However, there were three major developments in the world of JaVale that are more than worth mentioning.

22. FIRST DEVELOPMENT: JaVale reminded us that, on Twitter, he is not JaVale; he is Pierre.

24. SECOND DEVELOPMENT: JaVale started only retweeting other people, with no tweets of his own, sometime in June.

25. (For example:)

26. HOWEVER, the plot thickens: if you go back through his timeline, you discover that he retweets people who have retweeted him. This means: since June, he’s been deleting all of his own tweets.

27. THIRD DEVELOPMENT: In July, JaVale started only tweeting in the form of retweets of himself.

28. For example:

JaVale hasn’t actually tweeted Merry Christmas before only to retweet it now. He’s just writing his new tweets in the form of retweets. Why? Who knows!

29. Or:

Of course, this is a JaVale retweet of someone else retweeting him retweeting himself, because he deletes all of his own tweets. Hero.

30. So yeah, JaVale McGee is Weird Twitter.


34. Also in September, JaVale tried to buy 10 Denver-ians(?) burritos at Chipotle. Only one guy showed up. He bought that guy a burrito.

35. Undeterred, he then tried to buy 10 Denver-ites(?) Noodles and Co.

H/T Ball Don’t Lie


JaVale’s been pretty good so far during the 2012-13 season: he’s posting the best true shooting percentage, blocks- and points-per-game numbers of his career. But for concision’s sake, we’ll sum up his performance to date in three simple GIFs.

37. In true JaVale fashion, there’s the Good

38. The Bad

(Yes, that goes over the backboard.)

39. And the Ugly.

This is George Karl reacting to a particularly bad JaVale sequence. I am not calling George Karl ugly. George Karl is a beautiful man.

(H/T to Tim Burke at Deadspin for the GIF.)

40. It’s been a wonderful year in JaVale. Let’s hope 2013 is just as good.

41. With JaVale around, blessings so abundant EVERY DAY.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/ktlincoln/a-year-in-the-life-of-the-weirdest-pro-athlete-ali

make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (4)

Elsa Rhae is a self-taught make-up artist that transforms her face into a multitude of characters from movies, television shows and video games. She’s also a video editor, and you can see her remarkable transformations in her timelapse videos on YouTube.

To see more from this multi-talented artist, be sure to check her website. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (12)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram


make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (13)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram


make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (3)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram


make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (1)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
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make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (8)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
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make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (9)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
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make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (10)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
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make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (7)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
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make up artist elsa rhae transforms her face (11)
Artwork by ELSA RHAE
Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Despite their pervasive presence in the media, superheroes are, in fact, fictional. What happens to a world in which everyday citizens try too hard to be perfect?

Did you know Marvel’s “The Avengers” is the fifthhighest grossing movie of all time, beating out “Frozen” and “Harry Potter”? Altogether, Marvel’s superhero reboot occupies four of the top 12 spots onthe box office list.We have become obsessed with superhero culture, but, more importantly, we have lost sight of what makes our favorite men and womenin tights so incredible.

They don’t do it all alone.

Iron Man’s body is fueled by an artificial heart. Captain America underwent chemical injections to make his body more formidable. Thor isn’t even human; he’s a Norse god.

The truth is, nobody on planet Earth can live up to the tremendous accomplishments of the superheroes we see on the big screen. Yet we keep trying, and it’s driving us insane.

With mental health taking up so much of the spotlight in today’s world, many studies are being done to show the debilitating effects of our “more, more, more” culture. According to a study published by the CDC, 6 percent of adolescents have serious emotional or behavioral difficulties.

Think it’s just kids? Think again. Even adults are dealing with increased amounts of anxiety these days. As the sales of adult coloring books skyrocket, we’ve watched our nation’s grown-up population revert back to kindergarten behavior, trying relentlessly to color inside the lines.

Experts point their fingers at unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, antisocial lifestyles and video games (including superhero-themed games). But there’s one very important culprit lurking in the shadows.

We’re working ourselves too hard.So what can we do to fix it?

Finding out how to channel your energy effectively may seem like a herculean task, but the more you practice tips like these, the easier it will become. Try these tips to recharge your batteries when you’re feeling super overworked and not super heroic.

Concentrate On One Thing At A Time

According to Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., founder of the Center for BrainHealth, our brains don’t function well when we’re distracted.

Multitasking is a brain drain that exhausts the mind, zaps cognitive resources and, if left unchecked, condemns us to early mental decline and decreased sharpness.

While Thor may be able to hop back and forth between planets, we earthlings are a more fragile breed. In order to keep yourself alert, focused and functioning at full capacity, list out the tasks you need to get done. Take the first one on the list and work steadily on it until it’s complete. Then, select the next item and start again.

Take A Break

There’s a reason superhero movies only last an hour and a half. Studies show our brains can only handle up to 90consecutive minutes of hard work and concentration before they need to take a break.Taking a 15-minute break after every 90minutes of work will help your brain rest and refocus for the work to come. (Even Iron Man has to recharge his suit periodically.) If you find your entire life is too busy, consider taking a longer pause to evaluate your goals.

Let It Go

At the end of the day, allow yourself time to put your work away and make ameal with a loved one. Get outside. Paint your nails. Sing karaoke. Being mindful about the different aspects of your life is an important way to keep your stress levels in check. David Gelles, a business reporter for the New York Times and author of “Mindful Work: How Meditation is Changing Business from the Inside Out,” touts the importance of mindfulness.

Instead of obsessing about what we could have done better last time around, how we’re going to handle whatever comes up next, or who is on our nerves, mindfulness allows us to focus on what’s happening right here, right now.

Remember how stressed and scared Captain America was when he woke up to find almost 70 years had passed? Being mindful of your life allows you to embrace a greater sense of calm and live each day fully.

We, as a society, need to focus on working smarter and not harder. We need to stop trying to do everything.

We need to leave the superhuman feats for the big screen.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/entertainment/superhero-movies-stressful-lives/1551532/

Marvel’s press release reads as if this is a permanent and irrevocable thing. Sure, Cyclops has always been a jerk, but whhhhhhhhhhhy?

In the move that shocked and saddened comic book fans worldwide, beloved super hero Professor Charles Xavier meets his demise today in Avengers VS. X-Men #11. In the penultimate chapter of the biggest comic book story in 2012, superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel rally the forces of the Marvel Universe against the final two members of the seemingly all-powerful Phoenix Five—Cyclops and Emma Frost. But as this epic battle rages, Cyclops makes a decision that not only takes the life of the man who formed the X-Men and raised him like a son, but that also may damn both the Avengers and the X-Men!

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/donnad/cyclops-just-straight-up-murdered-professor-xavier

try metry me

Welcome to “Try Me.,” Elite Daily’s new advice column that shares the tough love your friends are too afraid to give you. You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

Got a life or love related question for “Try Me.”? Email the full details to TryMe@elitedaily.com with the subject labeled “Try Me” (questions may be edited). We promise to tell it like it is.

Dear LARG,

So I met this guy on Tinder a few months ago, we had an amazing first date, but we didn’t hook up. The first date happened on the weekend; we went out to dinner, then drinking and I ended up staying over at his place.

Nothing sexual happened other than some making out. We had so much in common, and I believed that we both had a great time because we agreed to meet again on a second date.

The second date happened during the week. We hung out at his place, ordered takeout and stayed in. We played video games and didn’t realize that it was getting late. He offered to stay over and I accepted it. I slept in his room, we shared the bed, but then again nothing happened. We just went to bed.

We still talked to each other as days passed, however, one day he just disappeared on me. No contact in the forms of call or text, nothing whatsoever for almost three weeks.

So I thought we just drifted apart, and I kept telling myself to forget him since every time I tried to message him, I didn’t get a response back.

Surprisingly, one night he started contacting me again. This time asking me if I wanted to watch a movie with him. He’s done this in the past, but then he ended up flaking on it.

So we started talking again, and every time he asked me to go out, he kept canceling the plans. Also, he only texted or contacted me when I felt like when it was convenient for him. Whenever he asked me out, it was always around late night conversations that were happening.

So one day, I got tired of his behavior, I told him that I liked him and that I’d been wondering how he was in the three weeks of no contact. He didn’t explain himself very well.

In the end, I told him that I won’t be contacting him anymore if he keeps doing what he’s doing, canceling plans, and he didn’t even respond after I told him what I feel about him.

Both of us are employed full-time. I also am in the process of getting my master’s degree. He’s three years older than I am, and both of us just moved in to this new city last year. So we both hardly know anyone in the city other than coworkers, roommates and neighbors.

It’s been a while since I last talked to him, but I miss talking to him, hanging out with him, so I’m thinking of contacting him again and see if we could just be friends? I don’t know if I should do that? Or should I just forget him completely?

Thank you!

Just Friends

Dear Just Friends,

I want you to re-read your story again as if it you weren’t you, as if you didn’t know the players, and tell me: Does this guy seem into this girl?

He always flakes on plans. He only asks you out to plans when you’re having late-night conversations (cough booty call? cough). He only reaches out when it’s convenient for him.

He’s not reciprocating in opening up to you when you tell him how you feel. And he’s not fighting for you when you threaten to end it.

You’re in the process of getting your master’s degree (amazing, Mazel Tov, congrats!); you’re smarter than this. You’re not going to get anything from this guy. And even if you do become friends on paper, his actions above indicate that he will be a sh*tty one.

But, alas, this is a blind trap that many intelligent women and many intelligent men still often find themselves in (I’ve got a collection of letters similar to yours to prove it). When you want so badly for something to work, it’s hard to see that it’s not when you’re entrenched in it and way easier to tell when you’re out of it. That’s why hindsight is 20/20.

To me, this looks like a classic situation of “he’s a flake, looking for a booty-call and you’re subconsciously loving the challenge of tying him down.” You’re in a new city with limited contacts and limited interactions, so it’s easy to hold on to those two first dates that went so well.

But what happened after those first two dates (in which, I want to point out you didn’t do anything sexual together)? He distanced himself from you. He didn’t respond to your follow-up messages.

This kind of behavior should tip you off that he’s not into being “just friends.” He, like you, is new to the city and instead of wanting a partner-in-crime to explore with, he wants to explore the field.

That realization hurts and it’s hard not to take personally. But let me tell you something, Just Friends. It’s not personal. It has nothing to do with how much fun you two did or didn’t have.

It has nothing to do with who you are or what you said. He wants a simple girl who he can call on his terms and who will come over, get him off and go home. That can be any girl. To him, it’s not about the person inside — it’s about finishing inside her.

You don’t want to fill the “any girl” role this guy is looking for. You want to be THE Girl for a man who is lucky enough to deserve you. You want a guy who will respond when you message, who will make plans and keep them, who will reach out to you in earnest. You’re in a new city with brand new people and you will eventually find the difference.

I want to give you a ton of credit, though, for being upfront about your feelings and not indulging in his games. You and I both know by now that you won’t win them. If you reach out to him again, you will just keep playing without a finish line in sight.

Stick to your words that you won’t contact him again because the truth is, you don’t need to. It doesn’t sound like you’re getting anything out of this. You haven’t mentioned any benefits of your relationship with him, besides the fact that chasing him gives your mind something to do.

“It’s been a while since I last talked to him, but I miss talking to him, hanging out with him…” Could it be that in all the time since you’ve last spoken, you’ve romanticized your interactions with him?

Absence, after all, does make the heart grow fonder. You don’t miss talking to him — as a newbie in a city with a small social circle, you miss talking to someone.

Stop trying to make this guy into something he’s not. Stop putting all your energy and focus on winning his attention. Instead, channel this force into meeting new people who will better appreciate your friendship. You can’t let in new prospects if you’re still hung up on the old ones.

He is not the only one for you in this new city, but you’ll never realize that if you keep focusing on him and not the environment around you. Forget wanting what you can’t have. It’s toxic and it only ends in failure.

I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy. In fact, it’s much harder to break this mental-bind than it is to keep chasing after the same thing. You know the outcome of the latter, but you have no idea what will happen if you stopped running after him.

I’ve been there. I’ve been the new girl in the new city who hangs on to half-assed, one-sided relationships because I couldn’t bear the thought of not having something.

But you know what happens to those girls who don’t just give up on people who aren’t worth their efforts? They hurt their self-esteem even further because the only way for it to end otherwise is in disappointment and not on your own terms.

You’re not that girl. You’re too smart to be that girl. And you’ve already got your foot halfway out the door. So shut it behind you and open another one.

Go on, 


Editor’s Note: If you or someone you know is depressed or in need of serious help, please do not hesitate to talk with a professional and find the counsel you need. The following organizations offer support: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, HelpGuide, The Samaritans or see a specialist. Most importantly, remember, you are NOT alone.

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