Anybody looking at this sees a simple, unremarkable pile of newspapers…

Wood Paper 1

But take a look at what’s underneath that paint…

Wood Paper 2

The work of Randall Rosenthal is astonishing. It’s difficult to know whether to be more impressed by the fascinating sculptures he carves out of a single block of Vermont White Pine or by the intricate details he paints in acrylic and ink onto those carved pieces of wood to bring his sculptures to life.

Each of these piles — cash, baseball cards, comic books, and newspapers — that you see below began as a single, ordinary block of wood…

Wood Paper 3

Wood Paper 4

Wood Paper 5 Wood Paper 6 Wood Paper 7 Wood Paper 8 Wood Paper 9 Wood Paper 10 Wood Paper 11 Wood Paper 12 Wood Paper 13

(via Colossal)

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