There are a variety of styles and mediums that artists can gravitate towards as they are developing professionally. It took artist Doug Bloodworth a few years to settle on what he loved most. In 1974, Doug earned a degree in Commercial Arts. Then, he tested out several areas of the art world over the years, from drawing caricatures to billboards. He touched countless mediums, discovering different techniques. Now, he focuses on creating art that people can really connect with.

His images combine parts of pop culture and almost everyone’s childhood.

Think back to being a kid… what were your favorite snacks? What about as an adult?

There is something inherent in Doug’s work that everyone can relate to.

You don’t even have to be a comic book fan to like them.

Doug can create custom set-ups, for whatever speaks to his client the most.

Each of these images are meant to draw out an emotion.

The nostalgic imagery really hits home.

Regardless of what emotions he inspires, this artist knows how to get in touch with you personally.

He enjoys evoking the viewer’s nostalgic feelings.

And what he uses in each piece is perfectly planned, from the comfort foods to the plates they are on.

There’s one final thing you need to know about Doug’s work.

These images are all photo realistic oil paintings.

These aren’t photographs. They are photorealistic paintings. You can see the influence of printed paper comics in Doug’s work, which is what makes the comic books in each piece absolutely pop. To see even more of his art, check out his Facebook page. His work is currently being displayed all over the world. Source: Doug Bloodworth Because of how people react to his work, Doug is becoming one of the premiere photo realistic painters of his time. Even though his pieces seem simple, each of them are almost magnetic in quality. Share his incredible paintings with others by clicking below.

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