A little boy went with his parents to visit his Uncle. He brought his FAVORITE stuffed puppy along… but then something terrible happened. At least terrible by the standards of a small boy. He went home and forgot the puppy at his Uncle’s house.

So his Uncle came to the adorable rescue. He decided to take some photos of the puppy to show the little boy that he was doing just fine. The result is way too cute.

Little Theo forgot his favorite stuffed animal with his uncle.

The 4 year-old was worried about this stuffed puppy, Hundi, so his uncle made sure to show little Theo the puppy was all right.

Hundi was enjoying his extra few days with his family.

He even got a chance to relax…

Play some video games…

And even read some of his uncle’s favorite comics.

After a nice, long weekend, he got some rest. It was time to get mailed back home!

I can just imagine the smile on little Theo’s face to see how wonderful of a time Hundi had.


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