What if famous painters had turned their hands toward interpreting superheroes? Several graphic artists take their best guesses…

Van Gogh as Batman

Based on a self portrait

Famous Artist's Superheros - Vincent Van Gogh's Batman

Raphael’s Ironman

Based on “The Entombment“…

Famous Artist's Superheros - Rafael's Ironman

Renoir’s Wonder Woman

Based on “Bust of a Young Woman with Flowered Ear“…

Famous Artist's Superheros - Renoir's Wonder Woman

And finally, for the last three, the story of Superman as Christ…

Superman’s Arrival by Giovanni Bellini

Based on “Madonna of the Meadow“…

Famous Artist's Superheros - Bellini's Superman

Superman’s Death by Salvador Dali

Based on “Crucifixion“…

Famous Artist's Superheros - Dali's Superman

Superman’s Resurrection by Paolo Veronese

Based on “The Resurrection of Christ“…

Famous Artist's Superheros - Veronese's Superman

Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/supermans-crucifixion-bat-van-gogh-and-more-if-famous-painters-featured-superheroes-6-pics/

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