Should you get stoned with Lil Wayne, chill out with Luke Bryan, or drop the bass with Skrillex? There’s only one way to find out.

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Which Pop Star Should You Party With?

  1. You got: The National

    You’re not really much of a party person, but you’re good conversation at a small gathering. You know – dinner parties, game nights, stuff like that.

    Deirdre O'Callaghan/4AD

  2. You got: Skrillex

    You have a LOT of energy, and just wanna dance, dance, dance. You’ve got a positive attitude, and just wish the party would never end.

    Jason Kempin / Getty

  3. You got: Kesha

    You party so hard that it’s difficult to tell when parties begin and end for you. It’s just one big, debauched blur, and you love it.

    Christopher Polk / Getty

  4. You got: Lil Wayne

    You’re a total stoner and just want to keep it chill. Get some friends together, get high, and maybe play some video games.

    Kevin Winter / Getty

  5. You got: Daft Punk

    You’re a literal party machine. You’re up all night for good fun, and you’re gonna go harder, better, faster, and stronger than ever before.

    Ethan Miller / Getty

  6. You got: Luke Bryan

    You love to have a good time, but like to keep things low key and casual. Gather some good friends, get a lot of beer, and you’re in paradise.

    Rick Diamond / Getty

  7. You got: Justin Timberlake

    You like to keep it classy and elegant, but know how to have a good time. Have another cocktail!

    Theo Wargo / Getty

  8. You got: Led Zeppelin (in their prime)

    You are as debauched as it gets. You’re up for anything, and have a really wild imagination.

    Hulton Archive

  9. You got: Rihanna

    Your life is pretty hectic, so you like to cut loose at parties. Sometimes you get a little out of control, but you don’t care what anyone thinks of you.

    Isaac Brekkan / Getty



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