The Islamic State and its supporters are sharing photos online to pay tribute to a 10-year-old boy who gave his life in battle.

Described as the group’s youngest member, the photographs say that he had the honor of dying for the group along with his father.

The two were killed in Syria at some point over the past few weeks, the Independent reports.

A video was uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 26 reporting their deaths.

Chris Cooper of the Quilliam Foundation told the Independent that the hashtag accompanying the photographs on Twitter translates to “martyrdom of the cub of Baghdadi and his father.”

The Islamic State’s ability to brainwash and recruit children is one of its most frightening attributes, teaching young boys how to use bombs and guns as soon as they are big enough to hold weapons.

Several children even younger than this boy have been photographed pledging their allegiance to the group, most notably an Australian boy who proudly held a severed head with his father’s caption, “That’s my boy.”

According to the UN, using children younger than 15 years of age is considered a war crime.






H/T: The Independent, Photos Courtesy: Twitter

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/islamic-state-youngest-member-dies-fighting-photos/793642/

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