1. He appreciates the finer things in life:

2. He once did mushrooms with his cat:

After the experience, he told David Letterman that he “had no doubt that [the cat] was his brother.”

3. He may or may not be a vampire from the 1870s:

5. or the Virgin Mary:

6. or a British soldier during the War Of 1812:

7. or Spongebob:

8. or Mexican War Of Independence leader Miguel Hidalgo:

9. or a black man from the 1970’s:

10. His HAIR:

11. He was once stalked by a mime:

“I was being stalked by a mime—silent, but maybe deadly. Somehow, this mime would appear on the set and start doing strange things. Finally, the producers took some action and I haven’t seen the mime since. But it was definitely unsettling.”

12. He makes a great desktop background:

13. This somehow happened to him:

14. He looks suspiciously like an owl:

15. He has a pet octopus.

It was part of a “$276,000 spending spree that included two king cobras and an octopus. He claimed that he bought the octopus because it would help him with his acting.”

16. He has a tattoo of Woody the Woodpecker:

17. He’ll help you wake up in the morning:

18. And he can help get you a job:

19. He isn’t afraid to take what he wants:

From Kathleen Turner’s biography:

“He was arrested, I think, once for stealing a dog. He’d come across a chihuahua he liked and stuck it in his jacket.”

20. He was originally every single member of the Avengers:

But he had to drop out after being told that the movie would break “too many records.” This may not be true.

21. He once went crazy in Romania:

After leaving a club in the country while promoting “Ghost Rider,” he got into a fight with his friend and ran through the streets yelling “I thought we were brothers, man,” and “I’ll die in the name of honor.”

22. He can help teach you biology if you’re in Serbia:


26. And once more in spanish:

27. He bought, and plans to be buried in this pyramid tomb:

28. Mustache:

29. He got Johnny Depp his first acting gig:

“I said, ‘I really think you are an actor, that you have that ability.’ That was just from playing one game of Monopoly with him.”

30. He’s everyone’s favorite Pokemon:

31. His middle name is Kim.

He was born Nicolas Kim Coppola.

32. And he takes his stage name from the superhero Luke Cage:

33. In fact, he loves comic books so much that his son’s name is “Kal-El”:

Superman’s name as a boy.

34. He gets really into his roles:

35. He combines to form Voltron:

36. He played a fry cook in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”:

And I’ll be damned if he wasn’t the best fry cook to grace the Silver Screen.

37. He once gave a chameleon a cigarette:

38. He once ate a cockroach – three times in a row:

It was while filming the movie “Vampire’s Kiss”. The scene took three tries.

40. He looks great as a cholo:

41. Because, honestly, these movies:

42. And because of this picture:

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/daves4/reasons-why-nicolas-cage-is-the-greatest-actor-of

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