Welcome to happily ever after, bitch.

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Which “The O.C.” Guy Is Your Soulmate?

  1. You got: Ryan Atwood

    You’re destined to date Ryan Atwood, Newport’s most infamous chiseled outsider. Not only does your beau sport killer biceps — congrats! — but he’s the whole emotional package: tough, cynical and quick-tempered, yet compassionate and always ready to help people in need. Maybe you’re not the damsel in distress type, but you could get down with Ryan rescuing you from grave danger, couldn’t you? Yes, you could.

  2. You got: Seth Cohen

    You’ll someday end up with Seth Cohen and ride off into the ironic geeky sunset together. Maybe your beau isn’t the coolest kid in Orange County, but he’s definitely one of those people who’s nerdy in high school and then totally rad in college. You and Seth can while the night away with a little red wine, comic books and bonding over your neuroses. Sounds like a quirky dream come true.

  3. You got: Zach Stevens

    You need an all-American guy with a hint of preppy athleticism, and boy did you find one in Zach. The cute son of a congressman, Zach plays water polo AND will listen to you talk for hours about the latest X-Men movie. Even if he has to do something drastic, like lose out on meeting George Lucas, he’ll show up to (metaphorically) take you to the prom. You guys are going to have the cutest little wavy-haired kids.

  4. You got: Luke Ward

    Welcome to happily ever after, bitch. So you like jocks, and that’s perfectly OK, because Luke will sack you anytime. A reformed bad boy, Luke’s the rare popular kid who can also hang with anyone once he gets to know them. He’s like… a big golden retriever. In an adorable way.

  5. You got: Johnny Harper

    Surf’s up, in your heart. Your new BF Johnny is an expert on the water, and he’ll ride the waves right into your dreams. Loyal and true, Johnny will never leave your side or forget to bring you flowers. Just, uh, don’t let him get too drunk.

  6. You got: Oliver Trask

    Your bad boy thing culminates in Oliver, season one’s love-to-hate-him hottie. Oliver’s loneliness gets him in mega trouble, but we like to think that rehab turned him around and gave him more to love in life. There’s only one thing left to do: probably take this quiz again and try to get a different result, because guuuuuurl.


Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/which-the-oc-guy-is-your-soulmate

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