Earlier in the week we promised it was coming and today we finally have video proof! Ladies and gentlemen, presents virtual Tebowing:

What’s that at the end of the video? You mean we can go virtual salsa dancing too!?!?


Will buy Madden just to do the Salsa with Victor Cruz

— Adrian Casillas (@Acasillas29) May 24, 2012

So Madden has put in the salsa dance and tebowing when Tebow and Cruz score touchdowns…Did we really need that? lol

— Retrac Semaj (@MrJamesCarter) May 24, 2012

instead of madden adding tebowing…id prefer any random ochocinco or collapsing on cowboys star TO STYLE…maybe the icky shuffle

— Ted Dolan (@tdolan6278) May 24, 2012

Video games make being lazy SO easy!

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