Nope, not talking about online games or system games either. Sorry Playstation and Nintendo. 10.

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You find joy in this game, especially when you get to cut someones head off!


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The joy / horror of taking an hour to set up ALL the pieces.


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You own this game!


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You own this game as well. ( Bonus points if you have this plus Settlers of Catan. Double if you own this plus Settlers of Catan, and Axis and Allies. )


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Forget that you have a date on Saturday night cause you are too busy trying to screw your friends over in this game.


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Your dice collection looks like this!


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On Second thought it looks like this, and you are proud of it too!


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You had plenty of this in your house.


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Clearly, you remember playing this? If not, then you started out on Advanced D&D when it was 2nd edition ( By the way, this is for the 1st edition D&D )


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I don’t even have to mention who he is, cause you already know!

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