Let’s face it, bad guys have a lot more fun.

Which Marvel Villain Are You?

  1. You got: M.O.D.O.K.

    You’re extremely smart, but have major anger issues. That is understandable, since you are a giant mutated head with tiny arms and legs who flies around in a floating chair.

    Marvel Comics

  2. You got: Ultron

    You’re cold and calculating, and feel totally removed from humanity. This makes sense, since you are an unfathomably brilliant artificial intelligence in an indestructible metal body.

    Marvel Comics

  3. You got: The Kingpin

    You have a brilliant mind for business, but you’re far too greedy. You obsess on obstacles to your success, and are ruthless in pursuing vengeance against those you feel have wronged you.

    Marvel Comics

  4. You got: Venom

    You have a tendency to define yourself by your relationship to other people – a rival, a co-dependent partner, etc. This leads you to act out in destructive ways sometimes, especially if you feel jealous or rejected.

    Marvel Comics

  5. You got: Thanos

    You are extremely morbid and relentless in your pursuit of power. You are willing to do REALLY CRAZY THINGS to impress someone you have a crush on.

    Brandon Peterson/Marvel Comics

  6. You got: Galactus

    You are a being of unfathomable hunger. Your appetite is so ravenous that you’d, like, eat an entire planet. You get REALLY CRANKY when you haven’t been fed.

    Ryan Jones/Marvel Comics

  7. You got: Green Goblin

    Your personality is very unpredictable, maybe even bipolar. You’re very smart and successful, but have a dark side that threatens to ruin everything you’ve achieved.

    John Romita Jr./Marvel Comics

  8. You got: Dr. Doom

    You have a major superiority complex, and go out of your way to surround yourself with people who affirm your delusions of grandeur. You care too much about what other people think of you, and tend to get really hung up on people you secretly suspect are better than you.

    Alex Ross/Marvel Comics

  9. You got: Mystique

    You have very noble goals, but you’re very amoral when it comes to how you fight for what you believe in. You’re extremely deceptive, and may have fooled yourself into believing that you’re more heroic than you really are.

    20th Century Fox

  10. You got: Dark Phoenix

    You’re not a bad person, but have a tendency to make truly disastrous decisions when you lose your temper. You are extremely passionate about enacting progressive change, but your methods are perhaps a bit too radical.

    John Byrne/Marvel Comics

  11. You got: Magneto

    You’re a person with very ambiguous morality: You fight for an extremely noble cause, but are willing to do horrible things in the name of what is right. To some you’re a hero, and to others, you’re a monster.

    20th Century Fox

  12. You got: Loki

    You’re an amoral trickster, and you live to mess with people’s heads. Like most trolls, you like to cause chaos because you feel alienated and insecure.

    Marvel Studios



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