10. Argo – 2012

Batman is called in to assist some American hostages being held in Iran. He arrives at the Canadian embassy where they are being held. After the Canadian ambassador opens the door and lets him in, Batman uses his super fighting skills to scare off the Canadians thus erasing any evidence of assistance from the Canadian ambassador and quickly takes all the credit for this heroic mission!!

Sounds like an Academy award winner to me!!

Holy fiction Batman!

9. He’s just not that into you – 2009

In this movie the bat signal alerts Batman to the atrocity that is taking place all over the world. Men are not committing to women!! How will Batman save the day? How will he protect the women and men of the world from falling prey to this evil?!! It looks like in this movie Batman will have to take a closer look at himself first before he can save others for he to has not committed to his own girlfriend!!

This feel good movie will take you on an emotional roller coaster full of twists and turns and a lot of self reflection on the part of our masked super hero!

Holy matrimony Batman!

8. Surviving Christmas – 2004

After losing his parents at a young age Batman throws himself into his work. During the day he is a corporate executive and at night he is Batman. He finally realizes that his day job has left him empty and he no longer feels like the super hero he used to. So Batman pays a random family a lot of money to include him in their Christmas celebrations hoping this will, once again, give him that feeling of love and help him get rid of the emptiness in his life.

Will it work? Will Batmans’ faith in humanity be restored? Will he be able to be the superhero he used to be once again??

Hold onto your hats people because this one has definite trilogy potential!!

Holy Santa Batman!

7. Jersey Girl – 2004

In this movie Batman plays a single father to an adorable little girl. However due to the loss of his wife he is unable to concentrate on anything. He loses his job and he is also failing as a father. Will a new lady in his life enable him to get over his troubles and be the man he used to be?? If he can’t save himself and his family how will he ever be able to save the world!

This one is sure to be filled with heart stopping moments and times where you find yourself asking “Do we expect too much from our superheroes? When was the last time I asked a superhero how he was doing and if HE needed any help” This movie will definitely leave you with the understanding that sometimes super heroes are just regular people like you and I!

Holy Drama Batman!

6. Gigli – 2003

Batman has been kicked out of the superhero club and has turned into a low life hit man! Somehow he meets a lesbian assassin and they begin to fall in love. In this movie we discover that him and his lesbian assassin girlfriend enjoy turkey dinners.

This one actually might be a bit soft core pornish.

Holy gobble gobble Batman!

5. Bounce – 2000

In order to get to a very important business meeting Batman must take a commercial flight. He exchanges his ticket with a man who needs to make it back home in time to see his son. Unfortunately that plane crashes and the man dies. Batman, feeling guilty, goes to see the man’s wife to apologize and ultimately begins to fall in love with her.

In this movie we find ourselves wondering if Batman can pull off the role of the romantic lead in this gut wrenching movie? Will Batman be able to overcome his feelings of guilt for not only basically killing this man and then sleeping with his wife??

Holy Moral Dilemma Batman!

4. Forces of Nature – 1999

In this movie Batman is on his way to his wedding when a bird flies into the engine of the plane which causes all flights to be cancelled. Batman then meets the beautiful yet crazy Sandra Bullock and they decide to rent a small car together and drive to Savannah together.

Will he make it to his wedding in time or does the universe have other plans for him??

Holy Road Trip Batman!

3. Good Will Hunting – 1997

In this movie Batman’s best friend Matt Damon is super smart. Together they have had a rough life until one day a professor notices Matt Damon’s incredible talent and encourages him to embrace it and make a better life for himself. How will Batman convince his best friend to accept his destiny and leave him and the only life he knows behind??

This movie sounds intense!!

Holy Matt Damon is way smarter than you Batman!

2. Chasing Amy – 1997

In this movie Batman disguises himself as a comic book artist. He meets and falls in love with a girl comic book artist only to find out that she is gay. His best friend, also a comic book artist, becomes jealous of Batman’s new love interest and then Jay and Silent Bob show up!

How will Batman be able to handle this crazy situation? Will his love for this girl cause him to lose his best friend?!!

Batman shows his vulnerable side in this movie proving that even superheroes sometimes get their hearts broken!

Holy boy meets girl, girl loves girls Batman!

1. Mallrats – 1995

This movie takes us on a journey through your average mall in the 90s’. Batman plays a super stud who gets all the ladies and in also the arch nemesis of one of the main characters. Also Jay and Silent Bob turn up.

Finally Batman is portrayed as a super stud muffin!

Holy sex symbol Batman!

BONUS Suggested Story line!!

Batman meets JLo and becomes Batiffer and they roll around on yachts and put gas in the car!

Holy you think you are gonna marry her but you aren’t Batman!

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/heathd22/10-potential-story-lines-for-the-new-batman-movie-amcd

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